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S. and three other countries so far I'm sorry this is just ceremony is the fourth studio album from electronic entry into Graham its biggest in so far as in the top twenty alternative single into happiness and hip hop and neo soul singer songwriter today I go releases her third studio album to longbow chiding certified single trigger hit number three on the U. S. army chart this week's I heart radio on down news I'm Karen McHugh health officials in the U. S. concerns over the spread of the corona virus they're also worried about a panicky public public health officials at the local level state level federal level those are the individuals that know how to do this they know how to handle infectious diseases so we ought to be there there's a lot of uncertainty but there ought not be fear this is something that we know how to do and we will handle and we'll get through this former health and Human Services secretary Tom price at least sixteen people have died from the corona virus in the U. S. no one of course is immune to the virus even the pope is playing it safe pope Francis won't be delivering his next to two public blessings in public because of the corona virus which has hit Italy hard the pope will appear on video for the blessings to prevent crowds from gathering boxes Christine Persichetti America is listening.

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