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This is Maynard rather stone sending it in wrapping it around nearside picked up by Mirages the blue line. Zach Mirages gets a commander Maynard looking for a seem trying to throw it down low for summer broken up but kept in play by air force return to manner come neurologists to stone redirecting you redirected wide captain play by air force again saved by Walker summer at the blue line. Zach Mirages gets a tomato Maynard since went down low it hit the skater hudnut, and it ends up in the corner. They tried to clear it Raja's keeps it in play sends it into near corner to Paul Palmer to Mirages penalty about to expire USAA power play about to expire and a take away by Sacred Heart. There were at full strength. They bring it up from right to left shot by Christopher Patten, pull the trigger. And Billy Crystal Palace slammed that door shut boy. How many times you see that happen? You just kill. Off a power or kill your your power powerplays just killed off. The guy comes out of the penalty box. It's three onto golden back. The other way Billy comes out makes a save on Totten. One fifty one left in overtime. We're still tied at two. The face will happen in front Christoph Lewis on the far circle. Putdown and air force wins the draw. Bailey picks it up dumps it out to the neutral zone. Couple of players overskated pioneers habit. They'll send it right back in and Billy Christopher. I didn't know what to do with it. He wanted.

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