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Mellon Taking shower yeah if you smell his breath lamie showing the breakfast little bit too. Where's yeah that's what. I thought about what he's going to do that. Where is it to. Oh my goodness. Ooh i really area so you approached brett sawyer and slapped him sawyer took about the podium fell over and now he's taking his polo shirt off and climbed into the ring and jeans. You're coming after him in your full rang gear and he very quickly as Gotten on top view and now Throwing some punches. You guys are rolling around. Chaos has ensued and just to remind everybody the one eyed mullet as you call him his kinfolk buzz sawyer this is brett sawyer was pretty hot angle here and they are legitimate brothers. You can just look at the facial features. See that you know and buzz was the bigger brother. Brett was the younger brother. And that's a direct path to get to buzz in those days if you want to attack little brother which was was os talented wrestler aside set. But you know sawyer was a man eater. You've just thrown brad. So the outside of the ring you're standing over him now on the concrete. So you're going to be setting up. Oh and there. It is the gord buster on the concrete floor. Obviously that's a big move in then bam there. It is the big plant that you teased down go sawyer. He's just fallen like he's been shot. What a big moment in your career you start the fi and then man you finish the fi in a big way. The man in the head will end moshe traps. I would imagine you did this one. It was something that i didn't do.

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