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Orange County to reopen images of crowded Orange County beaches last weekend with thousands defying social distancing led to the governor's order to close them temporarily we have to be really delivered on how we re open this economy that we should thank people for expressing themselves according to a California health care foundation incels poll seventy five percent of residents want the restrictions to continue for as long as needed that is corresponded Danya Bacchus reporting a British manufacturer of a possible vaccine for covert nineteen says that it may know by the end of the month whether it can produce a million doses CBS news medical contributor Dr David agus says the vaccine is still under development by scientists at Oxford they're already starting production of millions of doses so the hope is that by the end of the summer there millions of doses available and it's been shown to work there about a hundred other efforts with vaccines going on across the globe which will dramatically increase herd immunity in the world the Michigan National Guard is set to start helping the department of corrections to test prisoners across the state they will start Monday with the Baraga correctional facility in the upper peninsula medical specialists will then move toward Marquette Newberry and Chippewa among other sites a total of seventy five hundred prisoners will be tested through this initiative in New York City Subway system will begin deep cleaning its cars in the early morning hours on Wednesday the governor Andrew Cuomo got a head start this weekend governor Andrew Cuomo wearing a mask and gloves briefly help disinfect.

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