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Also justified. Under the self defense statute because you can also use to use deadly force. To prevent serious bodily injury to you or a third person. And if you reasonably believe that deadly force is necessary. To prevent that serious. Bodily injury is justified under Indiana law. So the prosecutor's office took a look at it and said, you know, what Mr. Elliot what you did. Here was absolutely justified. And by the way, Elijah not long after this happened was a guest here on the show. And he told the story. So you would think that would be the end of it was at the end of it. No, no, it sure wasn't. It wasn't the end of it. Because the mother of the dead rubber filed the lawsuit against Kroger. Kroger was negligent why was Kroger negligent because they had gotten policy, but they didn't enforce it and because of Kroger's negligence, her poor son the armed robber. Was shot and killed. Indy. Star called me. Actually WIBC before I had my show WABC called me. And asked me my opinion of this whole thing what I said to the star. What I said to WIBC as I said, you know, this lawsuits interesting because apparently the theory of the lawsuit is that Kroger owed a duty of a safe working environment to Ann Arbor Arbor. And isn't that preposterous? And ultimately that lawsuit was dismissed. But not before Kroger had to defend.

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