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In local shelters i know you don't want to take the pat to a local shelter because you're afraid that the pat will be put to slate and that certainly could be the case been you could certainly notified them and you can check to see if they have a record of many mine reporting that this pettis missing because if you lose a pat that's one of the first place is you're going to get so is to the local shelter a local animal control so if you find one meet them there and say oh my gosh you ned it's it's the i found as pat is that yours go ahead and the flyers same information but the flyers include a picture or description check social media same tips except in reverse here's the thing that you're in a unique situation because you were now in custody of this pat i want you to be very careful before you turn the animal over to someone who claims to be the owner and this is another darkside of human nature we don't like to admit and we don't like to talk about but i think it's important their people out there who deliberately skein them found pat aunt and go claim to be an owner's and they're not the owners days seldom for medical research they can be used as bait dogs and fighting rings they have all sorts of terrible things are going to be just want that dog maybe you found this cute little yorkshire terrier it's adorable and one guy promised to get his girlfriend yorkie so he goes in pertains to be the honor it's horrible but it happens i don't want you to clean to this and we'll so much that that's really owner can't ever get custody back of it but i want you to he cautious a person who owns a pet should be able to offer you veterinary records.

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