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The ground i think they were rarely early of there for a while hot out no no we did all right not really guard no voted we are realty we were known dougherty were regatta after we were at ex 96 radio from hell okay you guys have been all morning teasing this during its story about you go into the concert last night i let me let me strong start because i think i had the first kind of encounter as far as i know so uh bob dylan mavis staples eccles theater beautiful place to see answered yes cutler great were lucky i had that he's really seen to things there now yeah mavis staples incredible bob zillur the tiny woman will have big boys used amazing um and bob dylan was he did a like he he's seventy six now it's always a yeah i was curious he he knew the be know i mean his famous songs in there all of recognizable the way he's rearrangement yeah it was a little upset a good buy wife because her favorite song is tangled gloom blue and he did this kind of david lynch roadhouse version in oven okay was barely and i'm like no that's not an angled and blue no no he didn't highway sixty one which i loved you know it didn't sound anything like and then he did a lot of those like cohn frank sinatra abuzeid things and stuff that was the stuff that my wife love the most she loved that you'll when i heard them on the record i didn't like him but when hindu on the blind they're they're quite charming and sweet juicy love will he did the.

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