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Tonight. I mean oh off video views. Her mom goes out there. Hours removed from this root canal. Probably shot up with painkillers and he does a nice job as well he had he had. He was out there with confidence. He was really good. You know he gives up. The little infield hit their to start the inning and the one mistake on the homer but really encouraged to see. Domingo also throw the ball land before the game boon revealed Darren o'day is back on the i. L. crumpled to the ground during pre-game workouts tuesday with a hamstring injury that is considered significant so yet another injury if the yankees to deal with series finale. Today they go for the sweep jordan. Montgomery logan gilbert the starters with pre game coverage at three thirty at city field. The mets got a split of their double header with the brewers but needed multiple comeback bids to take game one base tennis center pale scores out that smith the play by bradley not any time spent across the play. He scores the winning run check. Mcneil comes through. Walk up to run base wayne randazzo. Wcbs eight eighty four to three the final innate innings. Jose peraza had the pinch game-tying solo homer off josh hader. In the seventh jacob degrom notices and ten strikeouts over seventy second fastest fifteen hundred in a career. He will not pitch in the all star game and now he's not even going to go to colorado. He hopes taiwan on walker will take his place on the national league squad. Walker starts tonight against the pirates posed by. Gt brubaker at seven ten. The mets did lose game two by way of shutout five. Nothing left the bases loaded in the sixth. Three consecutive strikeouts breadbox burger apparently impractical jokers throughout the game last year. They're making the rounds so the radio booth took notice and wayne mentioned that his grandmother is apparently a big fan of the show and that triggered something for how he's conjures up images. Maternal grandparents loved the watch wrestling in the early nineteen sixties. But you wanna have some fun watch a couple of relatively even at that time. Elderly folks from eastern europe watch wrestling in the united states. Let me tell you they were a loving wife. The things you learn. I mean it's was running the marv albert bangolo right exactly and then. They started going through all the names. Anti-human always make the point about wayne being really you know transplanted from whatever the twenty thirties. Where's this little pork pie hat. They're going to newspapers going back and forth with these wrestling names from the sixties. As if it's just common knowledge. I mean i'm wrestling illiterate. Bruno san martino atlanta. these names. Just tell me how many you know watching the early sixties buddy rogers. I don't even remember. He does that even before. Like it was before bruno's ryan that whole crew crusher for do chief jay strongbow my personal. That's what am i g loo thez back. Then george. the animal steele. I know you know that one. Yeah yeah ooh dog. Being from crabtree oregon. No no. He's ozone wrestlers right there. George the animal. Steele i again. I'm sure i'm in the minority. I literally never heard of any of those. George animal steel and bruno san martino. Those are the know anything about how a growing up i did. He play sports. Or i mean. He was calling ranger games in his house. Set twelve thirteen years. Something like that so he was watching. I don't know watching all these. You guys all go out though and playing stickball in grownup york sixty times. Yeah here we go again. My generation i tell allen craig what the hell you guys are doing with the video games no clue to any of the of the video games. Because i didn't go out and play and come back for. Dinner was challenged. Wasn't like a competition to me. He know the bruno's the interview. Bruno san martino because he was a pittsburgh guy and he came into the studio. And i had a chance before he passed. Of course. obviously. I wouldn't interview at dead man was really no point me saying that so anyway do you know that. He spent like a long chunk of time hiding in the mountains from the nazis. Come on i swear to god a blew my mind. She saw during world war two. He fled and was like in the alps somewhere in the mountains for a week. Two weeks hiding from the nazis used family. No joke maybe. That's why how he's grandparents were anyway. He mentioned the name europe. Maybe they knew the backstory he when he told that story by by jaw dropped. It was crazy. Absolutely not say anybody's interested in bruins san martinos life go read books on them. That guy was incredible. Yeah a bunch out of town stuff. I haven't been able to get to quickly. The rays had this five pitcher no hitter in a seven inning game. If you want even call it that As they beat. The indians also sunny gray stripping naked to turn his outing around a couple of runs went into the clubhouse got completely naked. I changed everything. I was wearing except for my cleats. And then he went back out and i think we're tired like non in a row in the reds won so he got rid of everything he was wearing except the cleats in turn things around for him so nice job stanley cup final game. Five lightning win one to nothing as they clinch on home ice back to back championships for them. Andrei vasilevskiy winning the trophy. Twenty two saves his fifth shutout of the postseason and you've got nba finals. Game two tonight in phoenix with the sun's going for two. Oh series lead over the box. Let's get moment of the day it is brought to you. By casa migos to kill a customer he goes to kill the is brought to you by those who drink it. The big debate about the emergency. The root canal was real. Was it not the dentist. Caller a check in with you guys and he had the medical term for against the dangerous condition or situation. You could suffer from if you didn't get taken care of right away. Emergency hundred percent an emergency. Care if i if it's debilitating and there's a chance a bit of some sort of severe infection. Then i think that the the risk of life as well as it may be really would override. The did playing the game once. It was determined that he was comfortable and everything was under control. He actually went back into the game but to say that were argued that he went back into the game and so it wasn't severe before i think it's a little bit fallacious choice. What he called cabinet as roma's thrombosis avenue sinus thrombosis avenues. Sinus your as your tell you it's an emergency as usual boomers right boomer. Wins man. I still. I am not ready to concede but the one thing. I will concede that the funniest thing happened today was cabinet revenue from both right up in your ass. Two ways about that was the funniest thing about c not conceding because when ceelo came in here and was on your side. Initially you basically set up done deal. That's emerging came back after he was educated and then change his mind a reasonable people. And then all your guess. No he caved. Why didn't know anything about it. You know i've never been through a root canal or cavity or anything. I didn't know we can lead to death. That seems a little extreme okay. Well obviously he didn't do more harm on specific cases they went and took care of it. That's why it an emergency gets. It was their town. They've gotta find a dentist. They just have the team dentists on call out there in the pacific northwest. The supreme court comes down something on this is like supreme court down something against him. He's like oh are we going to change. That's the way you're flip up and all over the place. Now he's the one who's flip-flop steadfast my non-emergency you said that when he came in here and said it was a non emergency. Then you should have it you know. We have the deciding factor because it was three against to enough time to do the research. Proper research exact s and then he came in here and he dropped the clarence thomas on all right very good morning show with boomer aside you.

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