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Legal great story that you. Guys do for the community you get the fights out at the the Santa Claus thing, and everything. You guys do. A WalMart All right awesome My question. Yeah what's. Up And I don't. I switch subjects right now what do you? Guys just. Talking. About them God bless you all. Thanks very much sure what. Do you want to talk about go ahead I know you guys I know you thought sheriffs said a. Lot of. Cops. In the area. And. Everything like that with that stream that? Happening Clearwater I I to. Show a couple of. Days ago but I couldn't get through a lot of callers that day and I want to know if the cut the sheriff He's on the scene of that shooting Do you think that watch the video and then determined then I am not. Going to put handcuffs on this. Gentleman arrest. Him just take the video I definitely. I think, he reviewed, all, the evidence I mean you know I I would like to think that you're Bob Guatieri watch the video a few times took eyewitness. Accounts and and then made the decision but I did talk to to Dom from ask the Dom last night. When I was, doing my phone ins and I said what's the likelihood that the state attorney now looked, at this and Pinellas county and goes. Let's let's, change the decision filed. Charges he said that's definitely. A possibility it is something that. Happens so I definitely not heard glasses and if you're mad at the family for hiring the guy who, represented, Trayvon Martin's family shame on you oh he got headlines right away and that's what you need to. Put pressure on the state attorney's office you might not like everything, that comes out of this guy's mouth, and that's fine and well and. Good but don't get mad. At that the family for for using Everything in. Their resources to put the pressure where it belongs on the state attorney's office to bring charges against the man. Who executed another man in an. Argument about. A parking space they should fill the. Pressure right, now and, I, I every day I sit and I scroll the news and I just wait to see Pinellas county state attorney to file charges against. Strike for pulling a trigger that I don't know how long it's gonna take for them to come out and. And decide either, way but I don't think the pressure's gonna stop anytime soon I think it's gonna get, quiet it's going to ramp up and. And and, we're in a culture. Right now where we don't. We don't need that we don't. Want that just do the right thing bring charges against this scumbag it's interesting to know what I realized, every, process takes time but in. This situation this crime specifically it's kind of all right there for you. To see like you would think it's it's either one way or, the other like an attorney or whoever, makes that final decision sees the. Video knows what the man Has to say knows that there's a dead person knows that this guy is somewhat of a history and that's the story yeah it is and I trust that the state. Attorney has reviewed all of this they've. Already made, their decision they're just figuring out how to release that they're going to charge strike with the murder of the gentleman who who marquees I believe who for sure they're gonna they're gonna start them I do I fully believe that Justice will be served in this situation, what happens if they decide not to what's going to. Happen in Clearwater what's gonna happen. In the bay area anything I think you'll see some protesting I think you'll see some civil, unrest and I certainly. Understand why I wouldn't begin to to pour gas. On that fire but I. Would say that I would understand why there would be a, great deal of frustration, about yet another, situation where a white man shot and killed an unarmed black man and you can say why make it a race issue, because it's a race issue that's why didn't make won the race of these gentlemen made At the race issue drew grab a live alot Hey, is. My my job to fan those flames yes ma'am how are you I'm good I understood but? Did, you say it wasn't okay for women to? Give, you. Her business card No Great, no, no I would never even insinuate that it. Wasn't. Okay it's. Awesome I don't have a business, card so I can't give a woman a business, car but no leader business course all the, time and I just my husband passed. Away and so I've been getting out my business card because I'm excited and proud to be a business, owner not at my husband, died but Business owners they ask you what. Part what did I say that made you think that I was not okay with this woman giving me, her business card I loved, it Misunderstood you know there's been? A lot of that this week.

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