Pete Erickson: Analyzing the Room for Conversational Assistants in Daily Life


Certainly see a day when you will invite a conversational assistant as a third party to the conversation and allow them to Capture data capture biometric data capture information. That is sensitive and also highly relevant to doing verification so the conversation can flow freely between the two humans without putting the cognitive load on the customer service agent who's attempting to maintain a relationship and a positive call experience as opposed to like collecting the nuts and bolts You know there's still a large number of consumers that prefer to do banking in person or on the phone Very large. I think larger than most anticipate expect. And so you know. There's still a lot of opportunity to add intelligence into that conversation and leverage the technology a voice to bring it full circle and And so. I think that there's certainly some some benefits there. What erica is to. Bank of america is huge. It's certainly the trend. That banks are if not applying practically implementing like thinking about spending a lot of time thinking there. 'cause there's a lot of opportunity to improve mobile experience especially when you think about adaptability. There's there's a lot of value there but But yeah we'll see we'll see we'll see how much investments going to pour into the space Over the next few years i think the customer servicing and those types of use cases probably be the majority of the investment over the next two to three years. And then we'll see certainly agree with you there. I think. I think i think the customer service the whole that whole industry is is teeming with teaming with opportunity in the in the boys tech industry and there is a lot of focus in that market both from the major players but then also allow third party platforms and developers and folks as service the call centers bases you know stay tuned for a lot of innovation in those areas.

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