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Bobby and Kenny, right? The best deal in Pittsburgh. You know, Liz Hayes Freeland Freeland is coming up after I'm done here today, you know, and I have admired her for a long time. And obviously knew her during our time at one gateway center, but because of being on every Sunday since what like eighty five in studio in her television shows always on the monitor, and you know, really about helping the community and getting out and making a difference. And that's what she's always done. She's an incredible reporter show hope you'll stick around. And I know she's been on already, but welcome her with open arms. But you see that's the kind of stuff we should be doing more of getting out and helping people as opposed to shopping people down, and that's what we just seem to do way too much of. All right. Let's go to John. He's back on the line. John welcome back to Katie k radio. How are you? Good. Go ahead much better line better line. Basically what I was saying that, you know, a year ago they were talking about this with Trump getting elected. I mean, the guy's a businessman, right? This is one of the first times in history, and I had to research to see any other isn't this man? What projects but these politicians hate Trump? I don't care if they're Republicans Democrats Bernie Sanders, they hate the fact that this guy is doing what he's doing. And they're just trying to poison everybody's mind. And now the guy gets to choose who he wants or the supreme court. All right. Yes. It's gotta get elected. But everybody's mad. They come ten days with this before the whole thing's currying with this woman. I mean in they're talking about like, oh, the women nowadays how bad or day arm, Bruce. Now, I guarantee is there are some out there. There are a lot. But some sixties come on. I mean women now. Much stronger than they've ever been voiced their opinion. I think they're, you know, thirty years back. I mean, if you talk on now, I mean, look stormy Daniels. Okay. She's coming out with this. Well, she was paid off years ago. She agreed to that this soccer player. This woman that's trying to, you know, accused him now doing things, well, she was paid years ago to just keep her mom shot that she agreed to that. I mean women are strong. Don't get me wrong. There are strong people, and it's been through education and teaching them throughout the years to be strong. It's just these people that are so liberals they're poisoning people's minds. Just to believe this stuff. I'm sorry. That's how I believe. Thanks. Sorry. Listen, you know, but here's the mentality of the world that we live in. Read automotive. Text message deadbeat raffish hates union labor. Rob. When are you going to understand Republicans hate unions? That's not the case. Believe me. That's not the case. Okay. All I'm saying is it's working right now. Okay. And if you ask people at the carpenters union, and look you've got Senator Bob Casey who's running. I'm a big fan of democrat. I wish he would come to this part of the state a little bit more often. But he's a huge proponent of union labor. So you know, you have it. Okay. Pat Toomey for years five for the workers, coal miners. I mean, come on. I mean, you gotta get over these stereotypes. And right now, whether you like who's in power or not who's in the Oval Office or not people are working. And if you ask people to carpenters union, they'll tell you they need carpenters. What did Scott Wagner sham? The debate. The other night over two hundred thousand skill working positions are open. So there's work Vokes. All right, Giovane hill district. Welcome to Katie care radio. How're you doing man? Good morning. I'm doing great. Basically to me what I see is the Republican party is sold there. So what's money over more? I mean, you're overlooking discussing ax is saying, hey, he's doing media in my 4._0._1._K is good in. Overlook more money that is selling your soul. And basically you talking about this unemployment rate did. Did only went down a point in two years. How could you give a guy credit for black unemployment rate at record numbers, Hispanic? And he's only got one point when when he got in office. Unemployment rate was four point seven percent. I'm trying to figure out how you get your credit for bringing it down a record numbers. And he's only down one point two years. I'm going by the story Giovanna was released today. Okay. Three point seven percent down one hundred thirty four. Let me finish. I gave a your time. Okay. Hundred and thirty four thousand new jobs created, but you know, what just look at the glass half filled as opposed to have empty if he needs to do more needs to do more. But don't sweep under the carpet of what he has done. Okay. I mean, I'm not sweeping it under the world. But here's the thing. Sounds. Obama's every move for h ere's. Didn't put didn't even interview Gores. Listen, wait voted for Obama. And I have never said anything, but really good things about that, man. And we need to let him go to and live his life after being the president. I mean, come on. We wanna come by now. But what was these cool by Republicans during the eight years of obstruction of every move. I mean, you're complaining about what's being done now to them would they right? Here's a democrat. Well, let me tell you what you need to do. And I totally respect your thought process you need to go out and exercise your right to vote. I'm certainly out. All right. I'm never been more fired up for election in my life. I wish I could vote today because it's time to get these bums at office. All right, man. Listen have a good day YouTube, buddy. All right, listen. The whole thing is this if in your heart, you believe what you believe, and okay, I just want you to vote I want you to be plugged into the process. I want to hear from people like Giovane, even though we may not agree. I want people to be stimulated enough to talk about democracy, but you have to agree. Whether you like, Newt Gingrich or not. What he is saying is true. Our country is dissolving in front of our very eyes, the heart of democracy, and what we stand for as a people no matter who we are religious beliefs. The color of our skin. We're all suffering from this. Good morning..

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