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Me a voicemail anytime you one nine four nine three five zero four four seven nine four nine eight three eight five zero four four seven J. J. sport mode tweets my wife is now going to be a lady clone is that a jump on the radio at a decent volume as long as the shelter at home last she will get two weeks followed by two more weeks until she's a fan and door is using drops in our conversation war ladies alone I say back in the day that the show was acquired taste was difficult to program a lot of people do not like it at first the reaction was damn I hate this guy I hate the show I hate this guy in my reaction was was I get that it's not for everybody I hate it I don't care who you are you can be the best person ever the worst person ever the most inflammatory person ever or the most vanilla person never it doesn't matter who you are if you were to show up and this argument me a lot more sense back in the day because there weren't that many people behind Mike's or front cameras now everybody's behind a Mike in front of a camera but my point was regardless of who you are regardless your point of view or how strong or weak or vanilla you were people would hate you no matter what and I said I understand this especially since that was not vandalized will point of view so I knew the people would hate me and the show because it was different so I said give it two weeks back then was you know little brace if right now I'm just I'm potter man I'm easy I'm mellow I doubt it way back you might not need two weeks you might need just a week now you might need two days now you might be two hours your wife may hearing god damn I like this I like does he look as good as he sounds this is fun but you're right everybody's at home so now that everybody's at home what are you doing at home this guy saying I'm exposing my wife to the program north of the ten tweets oh hell yeah baby now we're talking now I just need some cracker Jack signed Matt Nagy crooning about his new quarterback and a traditional ballpark snack all right so there was a controversy there we want to know why the coach the Chicago Bears would get up to do the seventh inning stretch for a cubs game and say buy me some Pattison cracker Jack but he's got no the words right so now that there's no debate what he actually said I had Kyle long on my podcast awesome guy tremendous guy great Chicago bear he played for Nagy and I said Kyle like set the record straight what was the coach thinking when he got up there he did that you got to be consistent with your pronunciation and he has never said the word peanut correctly he says **** buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks and for somebody's around every day going to bat an eye at that but for somebody who's hearing on top for the first time you say did he just say **** and cracker jacks we missed he didn't miss speak that's just the way he speaks the way he now if I could not pronounce the word peanuts I'm going near that song you got two words written on it laminated placard at B. U. so you definitely not going to change the way you pronounce his **** is tennis is what came out one time say peanuts I would not be singing a song about panas you know that's why I'm glad I don't have a strong accent either way again this is what you're missing if you're not listening to the gym on podcast quality content like that free content like that IBM content like that content about whether or not the coach can pronounce peanuts instead says tennis doesn't matter he's got new quarterback that's a big time pick up big time pick up can I get a fantasy alert can.

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