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Release your tax returns or shut up. We're covering the biggest stories so you can decide. W T end from the Beacon Capital Management Weather Center meteorologist Cody Murphy in the Foreign Storm Centre. We've got plenty of sunshine in place for that to stick around for the rest of the day today. Tabatha Wise, hot, muggy back to the upper eighties and nineties range hands slow for our Friday but increasing moving into the weekend both Saturday and Sunday during the afternoon expect a couple of scattered showers and storms could have a couple of stronger storm swell. Some heavy rainfall, temperature wise hanging out in the eighties. Both days. Information fuel opinion driven. This is the Phil Valentine Show on super talk. Hey, welcome back in, folks. It is still that one time show on a Friday, especially when of course it is 9 11. And nobody over the age of six doesn't remember where they were when they heard about what was happening on 9 11. President bringing peace to the Middle East. On 9 11, which is quite incredible. We got some sound from that will.

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