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For for. For kid from Akron, Ohio. Inspiration. And. Needed some type of. Positive influence. Nj was that guy for me. Wash him from afar. Wanted to be like MJ to shoot fadeaway. He's like, I'm Jay. Stick my tongue on dunks. Like MJ wanted to wear my sneakers like am joy. I want to look up to me sound like I'm Jay. It's crazy to be honest. I don't. This is beyond crazy. You know, who it is? That's LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers talking about passing Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring charts. Now, LeBron James is at number four hours straight talk wireless, nationwide coverage on America's largest and most dependable four G T E networks now, I don't know guys. I know passing your idol is a big deal. But to me when you think about LeBron James, I don't know if it's going to be passing Michael Jordan on this going to everyone talks about to me, it's more. So what he didn't 2016 with Cleveland? Do you agree body? Oh, I agree. I mean, basically taking what we considered one of the greatest teams in Golden State and coming back from three one and winning a game seven in an oracle. I think it will be as a beer big of accomplishment of if he passes Kobe Bryant next or hospital, Karl Malone or even cream Abdul Jabbar. But I think that one championship. In you know, besides what he did in Miami. For those two that that one championship in two thousand sixteen probably be his defining legacy here. Cleveland was a was a graveyard for for sports. I mean, it was one of the one of those pro sports towns that so desperately needed a championship. And when LeBron came home and delivered it. I mean, that's what that's really one of the great stories that we've seen in all North American sports certainly in my lifetime. If you know to pass, Michael Jordan is an incredible accomplishment. But I don't know. I just look at his title in Cleveland, even if you were to win one in LA, here's title and Cleveland wall wall, always Trump anything else he does to Jordan and tonight. You know, what this brought light of how good of a player? Karl Malone was exactly the same thing. You know, it's like for the younger generation out there. I didn't see those those Utah teams Stockton Malone in and they look up at the listens. Who's this guy at number two who's this car loan guy, and he wasn't shooting threes. No, no, no. He was not on that score machine. You know, what's crazy? So one of the moments like, I'm sort of the type of person that doesn't really get phased. Because at USPS, you never know who's walking through the door. And we get to see a lot of greats last year. I was working the college basketball wards and Carl Malone has his own award at the end of the year for power forward. Right. And I was there and first of all he was wearing this awesome. Outfit shots. Karl Malone like black crack in. He's good. You know, a lot of them. Look good. You know? But Carl Malone still was like, oh, you he looked like he can still play. So I was in awe of all the people shack was there. And then all the top players in college game with it. And then I was walking in the bat. Green screen Ruben. We're like ships in the night passing. And I'm the type of person that's like just walked by. I have to introduce this award. Let me say focus Karl Malone. That's passing me. Like, pretty cool. He stops. Me grabs my arms. Like, hey, I'm a big fan of you. And your sister who can Stanford, and I'm a big fan of you and your work on ESPN and. I was I don't get shocked by 'cause I'm fortunate to have a lot. And so I just try to remember, my blessings, they hungry and humble and all that stuff. But I was like why would he know who I am? And then I realized oh, yeah, he's giving out the power forward award. So he's a guy that loves the game is great at the game. And he's the quintessential power forward. And I just love the fact knowing that he looks out for power forwards on the women's side and puts respect on our game. So that's my one little rate. Karlsberg? No. That was not a me like it was more of a him thing like setup Malone Jonathan Karl Malone again where the NBA insiders, I'm go McKay fan Girling about Karl Malone here with Bobby marks enjoying salts. But when you think about LeBron James and this list, it's all Lakers. Right. Isn't that crazy cream of dole Jabbar number one com? Alone to three Kobe Bryant in four LeBron James, Bobby. What does that say about this franchise? Well, don't insult Utah fans by by labeling Karl Malone Laker. Oh, great. The photo that's floating around social media. It's it's them in their jerseys. And you know, they all had tenure. I know it's amazing. And it's all different it's all different areas. There you've got the you've got will Kareem was in Milwaukee. So there's you know, they're in the eighties. And then you've got Kobe late nineties, and then, you know, two thousands there and then. Now, the Brown most of those points in in Cleveland in Miami here. But yeah, it is it is it is. It is crazy that three of the top four once or you know, were once one time, I guess wasn't maybe all four or once not one time Lakers here and with Michael as the as the lone person what what what would have to happen if anything for LeBron to retire Lakers that even what if he won three titles with that was going to say like everyone wants to standard of. Traded. Donovan. Spencer. You'd better be on twenty minutes ago. I need you to behave. Okay. Ron retired today. He'd probably retire calf. Yeah. I think maybe down the road. If there's if if the field between Pat Riley in the Bronner hashed out, right? If they got Dan Marino's jersey up there. Jerseys retiring because we think that LeBron James he's gonna be here for the next five six years as a Laker and then retire, and then do the MJ or not MJ the thing that they do now in signed a ten day with your true team the Cavs and finish as a cavalier. Yeah. I would think that that's probably the the route that goes when he eventually hangs them up whenever it's going to be when he waits for his son to come into into league. If that's if you know, if that's the case, you know, four or five years from now. But yeah, I mean, I I would I would be hard pressed the thing that there's another stop on the way for LeBron James after the Lakers. You know, besides doing the, you know, the one day contract, right? I mean, it just you know, he's, but I also thought that was in when he signed back with Cleveland in two thousand. That was what two thousand thirteen I thought he was going to finish his career there. And that's what that move was. It was a pump fake he not this whole pumping and going a so I'm good now. So I'm going to Beverly Hills. And I would have been interesting Jordan if he had never wanted championship there and then lane. Oh, I mean how he would have been thought of compared to where he is right now. Would he have been thought of worse than in two thousand ten? I yeah. I think so I do I agree. I agree. I think I think the you know the championship even when he wanted. I thought you know, the championship kind given that out down the road if he could ever you. That card if things went south with Cleveland. Absolutely. Well, the love for LeBron is sometimes real, and I feel like it's sometimes fake and the Lakers fans are trying to decide what side they are. Now coming up next might as well play that game real or fake. You're listening to MBA insiders on ESPN radio and the whole stay with us. Radio your computer your phone? She was telling your smart speaker took play SPN radio. Now claim ESPN radio. 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