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Repairs and the giant retailer wants more Walmart is looking to grab a bigger slice of the three point six trillion dollars that's spent in the U. S. on healthcare retail reporter Matthew Boyle says Walmart has signaled an expansion of its health centers as a top goal though it is behind the curve in a market where CVS has a foothold yes of course of the drug store CVS is all about health they have health in their corporate name and Amazon is working with companies on a program to bring down the cost of employee health care but Walmart is counting on it sheer scale to make its clinic successful let's remember nobody has more stores if you want to be the front door of healthcare in America it helps to own four thousand seven hundred doors Boyle says Walmart is also plotting the next step in its push into healthcare they want to figure out the physical centers first get the model their right and their next step that was going to be telehealth from Bloomberg news room I'm Jeff Ballenger on WTOP it's two fifty six remodeling for how you live today here's Craig Orozco founder of sun design remodeling sharing how remodeling can bring family and friends together you know I think it's evolved over time the the kitchen used to be a place for you to prepare food you know what I mean I went into one the other day the washing machine is right next to the stove which is right next to the refrigerator on a wall and they had a couple cabinets and was a typical kitchen from the fifties and it hadn't been remodeled yet and it's changed so much where people are actually entertaining in their kitchen he spends so much time in our kitchen I mean it's where people do their homework they'll prepare food they'll eat they'll entertain they'll play games they'll work on their laptop working from home that's really where the kitchen becomes the hub is your year it's the first room you go to when you come in it's a first ring me come down.

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