Inside Euro 2020: Soccer's Month of Drama, Passion, and Geopolitical Tension



Sam board is a global sports correspondent for espn and also one of my first friends to travel out of the country since the pandemic i am in rome. Italy getting ready for the first match of the european soccer championships. Friday night at the study olympico. Italy against turkey. And it's going to kick off. What should be a pretty exciting four weeks a soccer. Yeah i wanna frame this up for the people because this is particularly magical thing. We're doing right now sam. Because we're kind of ripping a hole in the space time continuum because not only. Are you in a different time zone at only. Are you in rome. You're covering a tournament that is technically the twenty twenty euros because this whole thing got spohn because of the pandemic and i just wanted to. Have you explain what the euros are. Exactly why they're such a big deal. What is inside of this time machine that we're operating with. It's a great point pablo because literally as soon as you land in europe. The site edge is still all twenty twenty. I mean they're calling the tournament the twenty twenty euros everywhere. You go the t shirts. The stadium signed edge. Everything is from last year. I guess you know. Obviously this is a billion dollar enterprise tournament but they didn't have enough in the budget for you know renewed seionage. The european championships are a tremendous event is sort of like the world cup in that its national teams as opposed to club teams like barcelona or manchester united. We've got national teams like germany. Spain france they play this every four years in between the world cup's this year. It's twenty four national teams competing against each other six groups of four and sixteen teams advance. Auto groups we go from there to single elimination bracket all the way until we get a champion

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