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1848. Sisters Kate and Margaret Fox ages 12 and 14 claim to hear mysterious knocking sounds or wrappings as they were called, coming from the cellar of their farmhouse in hydesville, New York. When they established that the wrappings were being produced by a spirit that was haunting their basement and was the spirit of a man who had previously been murdered and his body unceremoniously buried in the basement. This is Sam Glover's emra. He's getting his PhD in Jewish thought at Ben gurion university in Israel. The so called hydesville wrappings, he says, we're just the beginning. Words soon got out, and the residents of hydesville started crowding into the fox home to hear the spirits. They were impressed with what they heard. The spirits could answer questions. They correctly guessed the ages and numbers of children people had by producing the correct number of knocks. The Fox sisters capitalized on their skills and as Sam puts it, became media sensations. But eventually, the family got tired of the constant intrusions. They moved out of the house to get some peace from the spirits that were haunting them. But by then, the sisters had sparked

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