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Thirty eight degrees downtown at the arch the full forecast at seven oh, six fire. Investigators still trying to find out what sparked last week surface? Fire bentonville. Assistant fire chief Matt Lavanchy says it's possible the methane gas. That's being pumped out of the landfill caught fire within the pipes. What worries him is the underground fire at the garbage dump that could affect that ear by nuclear landfill. It makes us keep in mind that it's a possibility what did the fire could eventually reach the radiologically impacted material in the West Lake landfill last week surface fire was far removed from the nuclear waste Lavanchy says the nearest underground fire to the nuclear waste is six hundred fifty feet Republic services says it's more like a thousand feet for the first time in four years Saint Louis area legislator will hold one of the bizarre legislatures top positions the Senate Republican caucuses chosen Franklin county's Republican. Dave shots to be the next president pro town, the full Senate pills post in January, but it's a nearest slam dunk for Schatz since Republicans retain greater than a two-thirds majority of the chamber chat selection wasn't easy. He had three other challengers and did not secure his party's nomination until the third vote. Schatz was known as a tough and blunt legislator who showed little hesitation and bruising egos during Senate debate on the house side, the top leadership positions. No surprise a year ago. House Republicans chose Springfields allies Johar to be speakers starting in January from the state capital. Phil Brooks NewsRadio eleven twenty KOMO ex. It's life in prison for Ray Ellis for murdering his girlfriend Monica Sykes and dumping her body in Kinloch field more than two years ago. Ellis was convicted in September sentence today. Sykes went missing in October of two thousand sixteen and it wasn't until February that parts of her body were found scattered in that field charges being announced against the captain. Duck boat that sank on table rock lake near Branson in July killing seventeen people. US attorney Timothy garrison announcing that Kenneth Mckee has been indicted on seventeen counts of misconduct negligence or intention to duty by a ship's officer seventeen counts.

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