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The mouse living in that world. But that Yeah The New Yorker the what what things would turn up in the New Yorker the right with that would feel like both familiar and fantasy at the same time region Eh. So what incident in your life is not good. That turned out to teach you something. Well maybe your parents divorced I. Well my parents divorced certainly could be one I was GONNA say the the time between made kicking screaming and then I made Mr Jealousy and great great and after Mr Jealousy I found myself a little bit lost in. It took me a long time to make another movie. And it's one of those stories that when when I've talked about I have the comfort of now having these invasive yes in retrospect to say like well I learned so much and all that but it's I mean it's true but it was a real struggle for me at the time and it was. It was very why do you think well I I because you work so quickly now. We'll appears that way. There's like a line in Frances. Ha that I think about which is something can. She's asked what she does and she goes but she's Samantha says she says I don't really do it and I felt I felt a little bit of a certain point like I don't even know if I'm filmmaker anyway. I mean I made these two movies but I. I wasn't able at the time and to make another one. I was an and of course because you couldn't write one because I'd written I've written some ones that didn't couldn't I couldn't get money for mister. Jealousy had not had kind of gone sort of fizzled in terms of its. It didn't really happen in a way you know. Kicking screaming had had response. Yeah Nice Nice response and but Mr Chelsea kind of just was for whatever reason it just sort of disappeared and it was almost like you know I think think for for people in the business around me. It was almost like it didn't happen and so I kind of I at the time. So much of the my motivation ovation was to make another movie. What happened without my realizing it was an and I wouldn't? I started seeing therapist. You know in some ways because contra more consciously about this frustration with my career and data today but it was of course then the work in therapy that of course became personal work and not couldn't he couldn't solve my career problems Maybe he helped in some way. Well he did and I think it was the personal work that of course in how I changed as a person and how I kind of grew up and it's it's kind of found myself a little bit that when I did have the opportunity to again with squid I was kind of ready for it but if you would ask me. You know at that time. I'd be like I'm totally ready for it. You know and I think it was lucky it happened. Although it was really a hard time I mean I i. I know Frau Long we talking about a year to you know it was it was I mean it was close to I mean Mr. Jealousy was made in ninety seven. And then I made aide Squid in two thousand and four so it was like seven years but squid quickly took a long time squid squid. I started writing after I was in therapy and I started writing. It probably probably around like two thousand one or so so it's still took a long time even after it was written to get made but it also was a process of of being able to write it and I'd written some other scripts that weren't they were kind of more conventional. I thought maybe I should try to do something more commercialized. I liked. I had all this sort of stupid like looking for anything to kind of change my fortune away. You know that if like I and and but you never took another. You never took a job for pay. No you are very disciplined that way. Because I even then I didn't have I didn't I feel I a kind of relationship with that kind of way of doing it and so I'm sure you were offered things I was some. Yeah I mean I was offered some things things that Like but I never I just didn't I still sort of saw believed in myself in a certain way way that I was in could be this personal filmmaker and I felt like what I could write for myself. I could best serve in a way as a director but was you know it was also that kind of sort of pigheadedness which could not served me too. But I I if I hadn't sort of like done the work on myself in a way if that makes sense I mean I I But that was it was hard. It was hard to. I mean. It's it's you know. I'm asked about autobiography my movies a lot. But it's it's interesting because I like Francis High. Yeah I get s less about it because people assume it's grabbing but actually that time of that being twenty seven and being lost and feeling like you were you know that you identified yourself a certain way and suddenly. You're not able to do it the way she can't dance. I related related to Very strongly I love that movie I love and I love The one after it too. I think it's one of the greatest. Just characters ever created mistress. America's this America is really she's one of the great characters ever invented. I Brooke of known. A lot of Brooks We all have but there is something kind of what you did what I think you consistently do. is you take someone who could be seen seen in a negative light and twist the prison so that it's both I mean you get the negative. It's not it's gone but it somehow also the captivating debating qualities emerge and. That's a very difficult thing to do consistently you have a good. I think you have a very good heart that way there is. Is this sort of love that you have for the character the monster. But she's also a completely intoxicating monster and and because it's Greta. It's it's even yeah. She's the intoxication is. It's that much stronger. I of course will. It's it just captivating I mean she's fascinating but at the same time. How much time would you really want to spend with Brooke right well? It's that thing in those relationships. You know that we you know Paul get into in in many different forms throughout our lives. That are a that are with people who are somehow both a someone might use the word toxic or or unhealthy but there are incredibly seductive and seductive particularly for you. I mean we all have those relationships with people to you see someone you know why we're also have you know so much. I think we know so much better than everybody else about the relationship there in. But it's like the the the the that thing of of you know I'm always so interested in like who's radar catches what some people are like. You know have great radar and I and and would never kind of except you know or or or fall for a person that we might be total suckers for and then vice versa. Then and then something happens with them and you're like how could you not see that coming you know but it's like why do you keep going back. Yeah why do you keep going back. And it's it's it's interesting and I I do find that interesting and in movies and as characters is is is creating those kind of dynamics and why people you know Greenberg and Florence Orange. Why do people find themselves in these dynamics? That are you know from the outside. You'd say like Oh that's so unhealthy or whatever but it's it you. There's something there seduction that.

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