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And what I love is the arc of your career. That is revealed in grateful American. I did not know that my brothers were veterans of Vietnam is my brother-in-law is and you have brother-in-law, and you have one died who gave a lot to this country. I didn't know you would produce tracers, and that you had become familiar with the Vietnam veteran community through tracers. Of course, you're working Forrest Gump made you Lieutenant Dan that everyone calls out knows. But then Apollo thirteen you know, that sort of stuff then you go into Catholicism. With the backdrop of the struggles Moya has with alcohol and the LA riots. The Northridge earthquake all that there's an arc in this story that you're supposed to be doing what you're doing right now. That's what your whole career is built to to have the visibility. And the ability to deliver for these troops in these first responders. I mean, I think that comes through in the book. I hope so. Well, I'm I'm I'm I'm grateful that you think that? It's it really has been an interesting journey. From struggling as a kid in high school in school. Gosh, I struggled all the way through school. But when I stumbled into acting. Just by accident happened to be standing in the hallway when the drama teacher walked by until two auditions or west side story. And so I went and did that and got in the play. And that's. That just set me on a course that I ended up being able to make a living west of the acting over the years, and and not everyone ends up with the presidential citizens medal. And they don't give those away to people who just serve the troops. It requires the kind of commitment that you made the snowball express it requires a kind of commitment that you made the operation Iraqi children it requires actually requires genuine service. And I love the fact that I don't love the fact that you were in an accident. On the George Washington Parkway. I love the fact that you wrote I'm grateful. I woke up I'm grateful. I healed not everyone wakes up or heels that's a recognition to the world. And some of us are really blessed. Like I love doing what I do. You love doing what you do. And it's our obligation to give back. Well, I I know that. After September eleventh. I just felt devastated and my heart was breaking for families who lost loved ones our country. The service members were deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq, and the families that were struggling through that because folks were getting hurt and people were getting killed and we were losing, folks. And I just I needed to do something, Hugh, and I remember go into our little Catholic church and standing there and listening to the priest on the Friday after September eleventh. It was a. President Bush made it a national day of prayer for the nation and everybody was just in the churches and everything you know, they were packed and I was standing there and standing room only in there. I just there's something I heard something that just sort of called me to service, and and and told me that service would would help heal broken heart. And so I started raising my hand everywhere. I could there's a there's a bunch of serendipity kid rock said come on play with me. And you know, you were a bass player from way back. So you can pick up a base and play with kid rock at camp Anaconda thing. But your first gig with Lieutenant Dan band for the USO is actually on dago Garcia, which I know about because I cover navy stuff a lot. But that's like the most remote part in the world to watch. Well, I think they were they sent us there because they weren't sure we could play. So we went out in the middle of the Indian Ocean to the small island where we have we had b one bombers up out there that were heading up in the Afghanistan, and they don't get a lot of entertainment on DA go there. It's a hard road to get there. You it takes almost twenty four hours to get there from where we we were. So they were they had to be thrilled. And fact every audience you describe of first responders, but mostly military, they love hearing the Lieutenant Dan ban and these guys identify with Lieutenant Dan in a way that is unique I've seen it. I saw it at the Nixon library when you spoke. There you moved by the way, a couple of friends of mine in the audience who are very generous people said, you really move them. They want to get involved with the Gary Sinise foundation now, and I want to make sure we gotta talk when I come back from vacation. I want people to understand what the Gary Sinise foundation does because you didn't write this book for yourself. This is not the typical book tour you're out there. Telling people about the Gary Sinise foundation because the. Gary Sinise foundation is supporting.

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