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Ah, Mile 16 on the all weather, and I liked it too simple, many a second choice. The other contender is the six premium force. Who's that? Favor. He went off It 45 last time out. You won. He's won and won three in a row last actually earlier this year, but simple man off Johnson Long claim last out. Really put it together with a very professional win under every reminder writes back coming from off the pace, and here's a tremendous statistic with their stats. Graceland's product Johnson long in dirt routes in the last two years for a horse that won his last race is won 37% back to back So his horses get informant stand top form. I think you'll get to the one because of premium force. I think that's a great price on an overlay Your simple man in race survive. I am moving on to the nineties. Today, a 10 race card. Yes, there's a great pair of racist Sam and racing fans to finish out the card. Ah, mile on the all weather. It's allowance, optional. 62,000 claims A lot of horses have won the level. So when little handy Gavin Tipline fans are looking at your program, and you see the horse is ready for the option planning price, Take a look and see if they've already one of the level on many of these have, which makes it kind of interesting. I'm going to go outside to the seven Lineburg. He ran second in an identical race in a sprint identical at the level of newsprint. Last timeout, rallying from 52nd. He's stretching out. And I went look back to see if he had a win. It could mean for the claiming price. And last September September 2019. He moved from turf toe all weather after running sixth in the rolling green steaks, and he had one before that, in a no corners of one allowance, anyone hours of two and he beat builder I look and I see builders in 95 favorite here. Well, Amber was 72 that day. It was a big effort, and then he ran seven second, and then he came back from a layoff and he sprinted. Many went to also Alamitos around the stakes. And then he sprinted again back at Golden Gate now running back in the form because you ran fourth on August 9th and second on September 7th. There's a lot of pesos set him up his horse and looking for a band. You have a lot of early speed. I like Lamberto Win. I also like arch prints. The one of the two favorites will bear than builder because Catalina Martinez name get along so so well, they got four winds. Three seconds in the third in the eight times that combined for each other. So on the look to keep those two in doubles with one of the seven and also in exactly the effect is just in case folks artist and I'm gonna play a little trifecta here. Of the one the seven in the first position that I'm gonna add builder and the five Navy armed guard so 1257 in second and in third and then doubles. I'll play the 17. And I'm going to talk about a horse. Just two horses in the last race. I like what All right. We wept up today Going ape feels with the 10th and final Five on the grass. Great race 20,000 claimer Very wide open. I really think the three back Oh, sweet stands out, but I'm also going to be a drift away and doubles of meeting those two. Wild talk birthday by pop those sweets here. Ah, horses in most of it likes to run second as Muchas first. I guess. 13 28 617 seconds, But the last race was, ah, two month layoff. Exact distance on the grass at 10,000. Whole different horse than he was before before he hadn't shown a lot of kicking the stretching up past in three straight. But that time last time Allie rallied from fifth was well clear, Steady and clean the salaries by John Martin. And you know, John is back, and he's doing very well on limited starters right now it for 37 if remembers percentages off the claim. It was big and this is a really, really nice claim. What's really intriguing here is Dr Sweets claim back for the breeder and the original owner Don Alfredo, And so I think that's a very strong player. I think you can win again. So he's my window and then I'm going to use the three cent in doubles. And exactly three of the eight over those two plus, I'll throw in the four lady Chrome who has some speed may hang on and seven doctor y song create over 3478 to close out a great card, a golden gate. Let's go down to the great race place in India with an exciting day yesterday, and I have a few more good races again today for this 15 day meet, Uh, we'll start out with the eighth race at Santa Anita. Spend Championship. Yeah, This is a British couple in your inn. It's not a great betting race. I'll admit it, but it's gonna take everybody should watch out. We're watching horses to see three years couple. What's interesting here is you have tours already qualified for the Breeder's Cup in this 54 steals. Sesay rocket who qualified for the jerk, mile and collusion illusion who's qualified for the British Cups, friend. Then you also got a really nice horse in Flagstaff. Just got me a half length by C Z Rocket. And earlier this year won the San Carlos I liked the horse is cutting back and my preference is cutting back from seven furlongs six furlongs in a race like this, And that is Eazy Rock in Flagstaff. I use collusion, illusion on doubles and victory victories. Even though I'm only going over. Why have I got kind of the 10th year? I'm gonna go over the tent. Um, I'm going to go over the victory in the doubles Well, but sees Iraq it's just really become a great artist. Fantastic claim by Peter Miller the horse and won a couple 100,000 on Miller claimed a toke on in April of 14 straight, including the Pat O'Brien. I like to cut back probably in front doesn't get off for collusion, illusion, But Luis Size has been too right. A lot of stakes horse this weekend. I don't have a problem. I like the outside draws well. So I won't make a win bet, but C V rocket flag stuff. As I said, just run the big,.

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