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W F because I lived in Long Island, and he was the guy who was running out of there and using all those ex WWF skies and I remember, I guess they they did a show It was actually on Pluto TV. I saw one of the matches was Dr Death Steve Williams and somebody else, but it was here in Vegas and It was their big paper view. And they have, like 27 people. Yeah, that was that was that whole thing was remember, I still remember that the episode itself was wonderful. I I said I look forward to seeing the Canyon one because I think there's a lot of stuff about Kanye and I don't know. You know, and and you know, there's some good stuff with David Schultz. One was fun to see David Schultz again and you know they, they said. They have done some things where I think that they have benefited wrestling and you know, I think, and I think overall for the business sometimes these stories coming out are important to kind of teach everybody lessons from the past and Realized, you know, Look, there's some things that went on that we can't let happen again. So you know there's there's some good and then obviously there's some bad like what happened this week. So right, and I don't think Jericho gets heat because I think Jericho's looked at as you know what he's willing to go out and tell some of these stories that maybe we don't want to be seen so helpless. He's getting paid to do it. Of course, you know, tell me one of those guys if they weren't weren't asked to narrate these shows will be like Oh, I'm not gonna do it. No, You're right. I don't like the topic. I'm not gonna come on. Give real on that. So now I think Chris is okay. So so there you go. Wow. We went a long time in the dark side of the ring thing. So that means I'm going to save the biggie win for the second half. Uh, we'll get into some other topics here. Hey, how about a W. Another ratings victory? Oh, in the in the 18 to 49 18 14 demo. That's the one they list. Yeah, yeah,.

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