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Worries. Today is Battery Day for Tesla. Battery Day wins news time traffic in transit Here's Jeff Johnson we go. Teo, Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Queens Expressway is an accident as you head West man about a mile past wife and can't avenues. And on the jam game. It's a pretty packed in there, and there are a couple of lanes blocked with this crash on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Get a pretty good right, of course, National seven counties. Here's what we see on Long Island's Big three. They are working on the northern State this morning exit 27 to 31, the right lane's only one open with the paving project. There's the ramp to the Northern off the L I. E index of 38 is closed for the overnight Southern State Parkway. Work both ways between the seafood oyster Expressway and hits me over with his route. 17 You got a lane back there. No problems on the L I E. It's pretty quiet and no issues north of town in West Chester SAP in New England Thruway Construction makes 16 Bronx River Parkway. Work both ways by the Cross County is there And here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels. Still, it's a slow go outbound George. There's work underneath the apartment. That's why you backed up on the cross Bronx Tio before the D and in bad looks good at both levels required. Lincoln Quiet. The Holland closed into the city until 5 a.m.. And no delay happened. Even though there's only one lane open traffic in transit every 10 minutes on the ones and breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen. I'm Jeff Jensen on 10 10 Wins, officials reacted the Justice Department's classifications of New York City as an anarchist jurisdiction that should lose federal funding..

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