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The American people on the stand that is a phony. Is a pathological liar, and racist and that he. I'd enough of this, this bomb. I know the type I left New York because of people like him. These type of people who've destroyed New York and turn it into a cesspool. These are the people who have destroyed New York and turned it into a cesspool, and it's no different than anywhere else. They agitate on behalf of the weathermen in the sixties now they advocate, on behalf of the homeless, most of whom were like the weatherman you have sympathy for the homeless. I don't I just walked in San Francisco, yesterday spurts while the phrase homeless a misnomer. There is no constitutional right to a home. Let's start with that. I had to buy my first home by working my whole life since I was a boy to make a down payment mean homeless. They don't wanna live outside the city. Well, where do you think the suburbs came from? And why do you think for example, commuter trains developed? It's because you see a lot of people wanted to live in cities, but couldn't afford it. So they had to live in the suburbs, where nobody wanted to live. Now, of course, the suburbs very liveable because the people couldn't afford to live in the city left and created beauty. Place themselves outside the cities, and the people left in the cities of the very rich and the bums in plain English. Look, I've been in San Francisco since nineteen seventy four the city is visually gorgeous, beautiful stunning gorgeous. But when you walk down on the ground level on the homeless bum level, I have never ever seen a degeneration of a city like so yesterday, trash everywhere, the garbage cans overturn the most dangerous looking disheveled bums, which my friend calls, he calls them vagrancy, said, don't ever use the word homeless around me. He said, they're vagrants than any other time. They would have been taken off the streets, the violence, the crime that the top off. I get in the elevator of the apartment that I live in and there's marijuana smoke in the hallways. I don't know about you, but I hate marijuana. I don't care if it's legal. I don't care if it's not legal alcohol's legal. I don't see people drinking alcohol in elevators, you, then. Why are they letting these still bum dr-? Drunk potheads smoke marijuana in halls in apartment buildings. I find it offensive. It's disgusting. The city is the it's the generating. It's Nancy Pelosi's, backyard. This is exactly what liberalism does to a city. There's nothing new under the sun, nothing new under the sun. Now, each candidate unto themselves. There's something to say about them I can sit here ridicule them all I want, I personally, don't think they're going anywhere. Take camera Harris for example, camera. Harris is a product of the machine the San Francisco machine. She is nothing onto herself. Now, she is a former district attorney of San Francisco, and she promotes itself as a champion for victims of sexual abuse since she was the af, but I got something from a lawyer friend of mine from a group called shirts militant dot com where it says that although she claims to fight for. Sexual-abuse victims victims say otherwise and they claim that individuals who victims of clergy sexual abuse. Went to her and Harris did nothing to help them. She swept it under the rug for the church. The article is called Harris lying about sex abuse record. It's by William Mahoney church. Militant dot com. It's on michaelsavage dot com. I won't boy with that. Let me go into another story about camera Harris. She pulled the race card which is used all her life as you. Well know affirmative action's worked for very well. So she tried it last night again, where I'm the only African American here. All right. Great is, is that a claim to fame does that make you somehow superior to everybody? Why don't you tell us what you've actually achieved in your life and tell us instead of telling us what's obvious to everybody else? Camera her own father, and this is very telling her own father says the family descended from Jamaican slave owner. I don't know if you know that did you know that. Her father, Donald J Harris wrote an extensive essay about the family's heritage in Jamaica at Jamaican global online in January claiming to be the descendant of a, famed black slave owner. That's Harris's father. Did you guys know that? Anybody notice her own father said, stop it. He has what camera Harris the victim. His what her own father had to say back in January when he was offended by his daughters fabricates. He said my roots go back within my lifetime to my paternal grandmother. Miss Christie, Christina Brown. The Senate of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder Brownstown and to my grandmother, miss iris, Naess Finnegan farmer and educator, from a non town in Inverness ancestry known to me. The Harris name comes from my paternal, grandfather Joseph Alexander Harris, landowner, an agricultural products border, mostly mental or all spice who died in nineteen thirty nine one year after I was born and is buried in the church Anglican church, which Hamilton Brown built in Brownstown, where is a child. I learned the catechism was baptizing and furnace, service acolyte now. What does this mean to you? Take home, the message, which is very important. Her own father told her to cut it out our own father claims to be the descendant of a famed slave owner himself. What does that tell you, if you can't figure it out?.

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