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Head coach dirk carter is in over his head on a variety of levers of may levels and maybe he is i don't know but it it certainly feels like falling apart it all around in tampa and you would want jameis winston to be the guy was holding it together not the guy who's out there kind of provoking someone else on the field and while you're right mike evans is respond what he did if you turnaround and you don't know what's going on and you see a guy shove your quarterback on the sideline i know you you're gonna come flying in there too i i i i don't know if i'm doing that i'm not i'm not i did was wrong there's no question james winston is the reason it had there's no question i'm coming in there there is no doubt about it but as i said mike evans came from a distance away so he could see the situation lattimore was not going after jamus he pushed him and then stood there and was john with them he wasn't going after him so that semantics i'm not getting into that i'm not blaming jamus winston four mike evans being suspended that's on mike evans but i don't get what jamus was doing because i'm with you what other what other leader truly their franchise quarterback of the day now i seen quarterbacks getting the grill of defenders in do that you know to try other stick up for their teammates or if they're in a situation where they feel it's that said i seen that but what he did i don't get no no you see the quarterbacks and no one does it more than brady does he talks trash out there on the field arron rogers with his touchdown to that one thing but now you're on the sideline you're not in the game and you're kind of tapping the guy that had with her what he's do i don't either i don't either i have no idea what he was doing so that's what i meant when he said a little insult added to injuries a winced at his out at least a couple of weeks and by the way the buccaneers play the jets this week and say you know what that means ryan fitzpatrick we'll be facing the jets all he will fitzpatrick ana four who ryan fitzpatrick or for the jets did you see the way he.

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