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It's like you're you're reading my mind. Where literally on the same page. The imdb page. Because of scott glen was another reason. I brought this guy Okay because he has a bitterness trivia. That seems outlandishly can't believe rains okay. It says he performed over fifty one hundred continuous sit-ups over a five hour period. What he does like stupid human tricks to scott. Glen did two thousand pushups did fifty one hundred situps those guys need to get together between them. They fucking ripped body yet. Stu range coincidence. That is wild. That is wild. If you look at all of his tv work it's insane. I know we say that a lot. A ac- i remember him. I know it's going to come up as being like the other guy in one of those like Beasts master or something. I know he was in wealth and i just can't think new you know. He played conan's father and conan the bar. Blondin it that is is is soya with some big old crepe hair and like a near of a giant mustache actually him. It might have been his mustache. Isn't that just out there. And since you're going to bring it up anyway yes. He was in one episode of the master. perfect yet. your new favourite got. That sounds just right. I immediately looked for my guide to Just because they are basically in the same My guys a little bit older than him but definitely in the same circles awesome and yes they are in a tv show together like bgn. The bear man and is b.j in the barrett. Does he go into the the drifter type t likes it. Yeah probably yeah. Wasn't he going from town to town solving crimes or something earlier. I mean it's the same. Yeah so william smith. Two hundred seventy five credits. He was in the outsiders. He was in rumble fish. Oh man that's a good movie. I love that movie but for tv. You've got j hooker hardcastle mccormick. All the regulars are here scarecrow. Mrs king riptide Simon and simon air wolf twilight zone murder. She wrote he was in a movie. Next to gabe. Uc is the tiger. I might have brought this up. But what if. Simon and simon kissed and when they broke away they each had the other ones mustache. You have said this before it was probably thirty episodes ago. Good times talking into avoid hell comes to frog town. Maniac cop will alter in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight but there's a lot of these movies that he shows up and that that really he's the only guy clicked on this evil alter before and it reads and the small town of red rock. A devil worshipping cult league with the local sheriff kidnaps victims for sacrifice go. I'm darn robinson how. 'bout robbers robbers are anything over. Robby benson wait a minute. You're saying and he was in maniac cop also with robert. Dr yes man. We came real close to doing a canadian movie This next week he is in fast company. Which is one of the david cronenberg's first movies. Oh awesome. he's the main character. I didn't realize that. I've seen that movie but i that's been a long time ago. What year was that Seventy hour seventy nine. Nineteen thousand nine ninety played. Lucky lonnie lucky man jones. Yeah hey. John saxons in that film as phil phil phil john. Saxon does definitely does not look like phil dope never ever. He sure does look like john saxon though he nailed that name out got him for just a second talk about the ultimate warrior..

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