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It's time to think about what pine i could do in the future but i mean we're gonna i'm checking colin when he when he strings codger scarfform with them after we wrapped in um i think three such an inch interesting viewpoint imagine being camp with conner in a guy of his you know magnitude beano sesc were connors at stuff like that i think we cool madda and he'd be real to unite thomas you realize amee check in with you every night after spar of this guy just see where our at his can help my analysts forecasts well you know yet direct source with poly so shout out to i love that guy she remove out some current events on the other thing is is on showtime next weekend in i know you guys always asked me tell you about some good boxing you cannot get a better fight the mikey garcia mikey garcia and adrian brunner it is such a fund fight it's on showtime if you don't have it it's not papercuttings just showtime policy mccollum the fight on with resting brian the rest of the guys but it is an amazing fight igor sees undefeated he he had this week's tunnel red tape with this promoters but he's undefeated what has gone up each way class is his third weight class become a three wei class world champion and he is a straight savage just a monster um his brother coaches his brother was a a phenomenal boxer phenomenal coach and ice fighting you know um adrian brunner who is one of the most frustrating fires wall time and i should get a shit together and if he does have shipped together in for an epic fight and it looks like he's going to have it shipped together so tune in that on showtime time it's next week i'm sure breakdown similar next week but at the big fight let's jump in some ma world current events in this crazy mixed martial arts world sounds good i one is conner so he was more than a tender one underdog before and according to bow vodka online betting site he's a lesson of forty one odds uh we got less than fourtoone odds.

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