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To the bronx pinstriped. Show episode five hundred twenty two. If you guys missed it. I talked to chad. Jennings athletic boston. He's been on the show to preview. The red sox like three or four years in a row always good time to talk to chad and catch up talk some baseball talk some red sox and if the red sox are going to be any good this year because they were hot garbage last year so definitely optimistic or what does he. Is he trying to shine some shit going to ruin it for the listeners. What just a little tease. I'm curious as to what the how the air's treating them up there in true like Athletic or any sort of media outlet fashion. He posted down the middle. They could be good. That could be bad. How sick yeah. Thanks but no. It was a great conversation. We talked about a lot about cora in his return from from the suspension. Just like how. That team has been overhauled. 'cause like think about in your mind the two thousand eighteen red sox that won all those games plowed through the playoffs. There's no one there anymore. it's just completely different roster in such a short amount of time. Yeah no they definitely. I mean when. Mookie betts leaves the lease the building. Then you benintendi gone. jackie bradley. Juniors gone you've got david price gone chris. Sale is injured like it's just like completely wiped out. No that's true. i think. But when mookie betts leaves when you have that decision at that point you're you're making probably a lot more other moves because you've made that decision that you're not gonna win or you're not gonna make your best effort to win so you might as well keep going but this episode is not to talk about the red sox that was the previous episodes to go. Check it out. We're here to talk. About the jay. Bruce non news news because we thought we were going to get an actual move on the twenty speed of planet down the middle or punting depending on how you're looking at this. That's exactly what happened. Which is wild like we were told. March twenty fifth jay. Bruce is opt out deadline. So we're thinking okay. He's gonna either opt out or opt in. And that's going to give indication on what the yankees are going to do with their forty man roster but the updates on the twenty fifth where bruce did not show up to his workout to the yankees workouts and the yankees basically have forty eight hours to decide if they want to add him to the forty man roster or not adam to the forty man roster and released him so to me. This indicates that he has exercised his out but the yankees. He will exercise his opt out unless the yankees adam to the forty man roster which is obvious and the yankees are not going to add them to the forty man roster unless they plan on having him on the twenty six man major league roster as a bench player. So this decisions going to happen over the weekend. I guess i i really don't know what could change other than mytalk men or someone just running into a wall and breaking their ankle or something. What's going on in baseball field rap. Sit down yeah. I gotta. I'm not feeling too hot right now. This i don't really understand the see. I'm actually in in the other camps thinking that okay. Why are the why this forty eight hour buffer now. If the decision was going to be made then just make it. If he doesn't not gonna the yankees are holding him by a string saying maybe we're still thinking about it. Otherwise what's the point of this forty eight. It's injury i mean. Come on now for injury. They're not doing this for the forty hour injury window. That would be ridiculous. I know maybe they are. Maybe they have been up front with him. And because there's reports that the yankees are shopping. Mike talk so maybe cashman's plan and he has told this to bruce and his agent. We're trying to get something good for my talk but we're not gonna just give them away if we can get something good for my talking that opens up a forty man roster spot and you will make the team if we cannot get anything good for my talk. He's staying on the team in. You're going to be gone. So maybe they're just keeping the window open as long as possible for to see if other teams bite. But here's the thing that jaber says to agree to that right. He's gotta say who have anywhere to go. Jay bruce nowhere to go in the next two days. Well that's the thing he either. He either has nowhere to go. Because there's no other interest or he's agreeing to this to this this gap because he wants to be on the yankees and this gives another forty. He doesn't probably. I mean obviously he wants to be on the yankees because they're a good team and stuff but if it's the seattle mariners if it's the texas rangers like he'll just play for them because he wants to play baseball but that's major. That's my point. If there was another thing out there right now he wouldn't be doing this. Forty eight hour nonsense. This is part. This is part of his decision to say. Okay i'll wait a couple more like all exercise. This little weird wrinkle in the rule and forty eight hours by not showing up to to the field. So it's something else is happening behind the scenes that we either or speculating about which i think you're right. I think that they are looking around. Still and identifying what what cash we could still get talk men and putting pressure on people saying like this is it now. There's a clock. Can you either the yankees. He's it depends it depends. It could be bad for good for the yankees because if someone does want or there's multiple teams want talk men at least now. There's a decision time so you either put up or shut up and then cashman. Has you know everything in front of him to make that decision. Well the reports for the trade interest in my talk is that there's teams interested but the yankees really value him and the value. They're placing on. Talknet is a lot higher than teams are willing to pay. I gotta tell you. I'm completely flip-flopping completely. Turning you've just flip flopped like in this moment before we started recording before yeah. I made the decision early this morning. I think that i that. I do not want on the team anymore and i would rather have my walkman walk walk. Walk me through the process. I walk you through the process. It's just an upside thing. I i think that talk has looked better physically and that maybe he was bothered by injury last year and they identified him as they've identified other.

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