David Geffen, Jeff Bezos, Caribbean discussed on Rush Limbaugh


See the Instagram photo the David Geffen put out when is your good David Geffen has a six hundred million dollar yacht is eight point five billion air DreamWorks Geffen music big time the Saudis house the Jeff Bezos out there for a hundred and sixty five million that whatever he instagrammed a photo of this yacht at sunset in the Caribbean in the grenadine islands any cabinet my saying peacefully escaping the virus I'm a calm seas over Caribbean the morality and the reaction to it was so bad he had to take down his account and cancel the account because people thought it was insensitive and right but wouldn't you rather be there than where you are but then I got that what a rich Republican ever do that what a rich Republican ever sent a photo of where he was on the six hundred million dollar yacht basically saying look where I am and you aren't and there's not a rich Republican in the world I would do it I was fascinated cyber criminals they're all over the place and by the way I don't believe that that that maybe analog street crime is down because nothing's open by cyber criminals do not let this crisis go to waste for them this is a perfect time to create bogus online posts about the corona virus plant malware ransomware within your computer mandate this is such a golden opportunity is scared the heck out of people with a well written link designed to get you to click on it which of them plants malware on your computer you might not know about for days or weeks and meanwhile.

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