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Hi could be here. Welcome to front burner. I want to start by asking you. What was your reaction when you heard that. Simone biles is going to be withdrawing from the competition this week. I wanted to give her a hug. You know she's very very hard on herself in. You saw her even even reduced to tears for performance that was under her standards for herself. Leap there something just not right there. You can see it on her face and so my first reaction when she walked out of during her vault was. Oh no things like. That's dangerous right. It's it's actually quite a testament to her ability that she still landed on her feet and then just Feeling like i hope she takes in does whatever she needs for herself. I mean of course. I'm crying 'cause olympics. Just makes me cry so you know and like happy tears to watch watch teammates step up and so it was just a kind of very emotional but proud of her for doing that. In in space. That is very hard to make that call But set the scene a bit in terms of the approach to the day that she made the call to withdraw. What do we know. What do we know about what byles was going through. Leading up to that decision were there any signs that she was maybe potentially not up for it. Yeah she's been very forthright leading up to the games about the physical toll that it takes to continue to condition in compete at this level and the mental focus and and dexterity that it requires to continue to do this so monday tuesday wednesday friday trained seven hours a day. Thursday and saturday trained four hours and then sunday we get off plus being simone biles. Plus having the feeling like she's Has the world the way to the world especially with the country on her shoulders and all of these expectations and That she's competing against yourself right in in that is in her expectations for herself and she's very recently said like she has tried very hard to compete for herself but she still feels like she's doing it for others in a way that makes it even that much more of a burden to to do what she's doing. I've always kind of tried to compete against myself and beat myself and be better than the last time I competed and i know it's getting tougher. But i'm just trying to do that. Still in the other things that she's been very vocal about is how compelled. She was to return for these games. Let's be clear gymnastics. It's very hard right to sustain across multiple olympics because of the toll does take on your body and you know simone is is twenty four. She's not old but in gymnastics age. Right that is the elder of the team. And you know. She is very vocal about one of the things that was pushing her to return for these games was that she was the last competing nassar survivor. And then if we think about all of that and we add in the pandemic and we add in what a postponement for a year does to athletes. Who have a four schedule. Who have a very clear lead up to these world. Competitions two trials to the games postponing it for a year is really disruptive to that you have to continue to. Kit dishing.

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