Interview With Mae Martin From the Series 'Feel Good'


We treat yourself. I always guests introduce themselves are now remembering we. Did this. live the live episode. We did it live at the london. Podcast festival yeah. I feel like this is more the the true the true essence of the now. We're getting that's exact now. It's like now we're going to get one but like let's do the real one. Yeah now do the real shot I'm martin i'm a comedian and other often. I'm having a pretty good pretty time in life. It's a nice day. Yeah yeah he's talking to you. I'm going to be talking to you too. You gotta show. You've show that's great. Thanks that's probably. I'm sure there's probably a high crossover between people who listen to your chest. Podcast in and watch your show. That feels like i think you're right. I just straight up black dot just to yeah just a one to one that ven diagram is just a circle. I think and i remember the last time we talked you. Were like so. What have you got going on. And i couldn't. I can say it had been. I wasn't allowed to set but since then done two seasons. Yeah and actually because the second season is just coming out. Now we're like came out last week or something like that timing. I watched it. But i have but i love the first season and i'm very excited to find out what continues to happen. Thanks yeah it's it's it's a rocky road but i think it's a satisfying ending because that's it now. I'm not going to do a third one bedroom. Yeah that's it. We only have just. Yeah just like a love story with the proper ending. That's wonderful. yeah so mean financially not wonderful. But i don't know that's stupid but creatively. It's you know it's cool. Because i think if you if you were to keep just throwing throwing problems at one couple you'd have to like every at the beginning of every season you have to undo all the personal growth that those characters made just eternally and i wanted them to actually grow and then leave them in a pretty good place.

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