How To Save Your Nails After Shellac

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You know how. I used to be a massive like acrylic shellac. Gal like my. Now's whenever i've taken them off have always been still quite strong. It's quite strange that's fantastic. I reckon you're probably in the minority there but a lot of that comes down to your diet and nio health and also the technician that did now so you must have a good person. So basically i mean shellac. He's one of the more gentle foams back in the day when it was acrylics lakes and it was a falling down the nile. And all that sort of stuff you really left with paper-thin nails at the end. Jails have come a long way but they still going to damage the niobe no matter what anyone says says because it has to adhere to the nile. So it's going to kind of hang on there and stay somehow so essentially you're waiting for that part of the nail bed to grow out and you're fresh now from underneath to come through. It's a long process. It can be a vicious cycle because you go. Oh my way he can now comey both a nego. Get you niles don again. A few tapes. That i have are all collagen. So an injectable. We'll make a massive difference to your niles collagen when ingested works on the protein. So your hair skin and nails. Whenever i take it and i am religiously taking it twice a day at the moment my nails are so thick and grow so fast that i have to trim them so often. I'm like oh my nails a too long. So i definitely get onto an all collagen supplement. Now hod is absolutely do work but they need to be applied day. They're a labor of love. I always aaad now. I do not apply to every day. I do it every four days but it starts to get a bit monkey but basically whatever you're going gonna do. It is going to take effort and time to grow up and to love that nile. That's a beach flaky and dehydrated so some of my recommendations in terms of nail harness. The m'voula scientific penetrating nile haba nineteen ninety-five. It's really fantastic. Rpi has the natural now strengthen our which is also about twenty bucks and also the revived and al intensive strength which is thirty dollars so those three are really good. But you need to apply reapply. The next day take it off. Apply reapply the next day every second day until you now's a nice and stone also. Don't do what i've done. And just like put layer upon layer on nor after the second day you generally have to take it off and start again otherwise it starts to get real real

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