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So. Your. Do you know that song from childhood? I don't know that song. I think it's just me because it was incredibly hard for me to find that clip, but I found it. Yeah. Everybody does need friends. Angela also in the land. We're talking about what's new in dating news, Tinder and. Okay, cupid or changing the way they advertise and new dating terms you need to know, including Grun dating as in our Anna, grounding. Yeah. Then we're diving into the mailbox to answer your listener questions today. We've got two questions that are people asking on behalf of their friends because everybody does need friends befor. Buna welcome. Angela the puck has because it's just you. And I thank you for that grand. Welcome. Welcome to you as well. I'm so used to saying we want to welcome these gas. But it's just you and Itis week, which is special bonding. That's nice change of pace. Yeah. I love it. What's going on in your life? Well, so I have a new work friend at work, and she friend. I know how exciting. And she is single and dating and struggling out there. And she. She she's guilty of something that I used to do where she will talk to somebody for a really long time before she needs up with them in person. Yeah. You gotta just like, you know, once you realize, okay, I'm interested like get off the screen and get in two zero. And like watching her go through it. It's like taking me back to two when I do and really highlighting Wyatt so bad because she will fall for somebody so quickly before meeting them like, oh, my God like planning out their futures together. Like, she's like he doesn't make much money, but we can like work on it. Oh god. And I said to her I was like revolved on that though. Yeah. But I was like remember this feeling because this is the best you're gonna feel about this person. She was you Debbie Downer. And that's what she said. She was like why being so negative just white. And then the next day after she finally went on her first date with him. She came in and was like he saw and she was so sad. What was wrong with? She actual. Really went on this date the night that I got engaged. She texted me. Congrats by the way. This guy is really short. Porsche orca, basically, he was much shorter than he said he was on his. Because the nobody's going to be disappointed. If they if you're up front with it like, I don't know what people think when they lie on profiles. They think like gonna ally. So they'll meet up with me, right? Yeah. They're going to meet up with you. But then they're gonna be pissed that you're a liar. Whereas like Joe like, we'd all the and then and then they're not going to grow with you against you're wasting everyone's time. Whereas if you're just honest, they might be like, okay, he's a little shorter. But like whatever I'll go out with him. And then they won't beat as because they already have those expectations than they like that's not even something that they're mad at you about. Yeah. There's there's nothing worse than not being ready for that. And then she said, so then like she got there. He was short. She was immediately like on attracted to him, then they were eating dinner, and he got like seafood pasta, and he had a long beard, and it was getting in his beard that you lost. Yeah..

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