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I could write for myself. I can write for other people. I wanna talk about the work you do for others. I and then i really wanna focus on how you write your pieces for yourself and one recent book that i just read and reviewed is really fun. It's a what if thriller has to do with hitler. And the rise of nazism in america. It's really great but let's get back to the To the process. I know that it's a little for depending on the individual but if there's a skeleton key to unlocking the the process what would it be. How do you work with people. In general well. I work with people in a number of ways jordan. Some people might have already written something. But they don't have it edited. They don't have it formatted. They're they're missing the part. That makes it a book other people. Have they know what they want to say but they have no idea how to say for those people. I will actually interview them. I'll eat view them on the phone or video record the video. I'll have transcribed. And then i'll write what was said. And then they get to edit it. You know like you did well. That's what happened with me right and it makes so much sense and here i am mr interview. I've done thousands of them. And i i had no real starting place you've got me going with the chronological interview and we over several weeks and it was very effective. Well the whole thing starts with an outline. I mean for you jordan. It was easy because we could do a chronologically You know we start with the early is and we work our way up until till the elderly years so the elderly years we i think you and i found that it was easier to go chapter by chapter In almost chronological order. We jumped around a little bit but for the radio stuff. We definitely went in chronological order. It's a basic tale of me and one radio market all my life jumping from job to job and meeting people along the way but Here's my situation. I've always been a a creative person. I love to write. I can write commercials. I can write. Essays edited even articles occasionally but the idea of writing a book even assert book although this one turns out to be about two hundred fifty beta. It's been book Even that was so daunting it felt unreachable to me and you made it much more reachable. Well you know. The the thing is people don't write anymore. I mean we live on what four hundred characters and a twitter instagram. But the problem. That i did see with a lot of people. Ready for industry books Is they're experts at what they do but they try to write something. That sounds like a brochure. You know the writing on the side to their industry where there should be writing to the people who want to use their services. But you know. I think what made you book so excellent Was that we made it..

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