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Where this show is going to lead because that's the excitement of talk radio watching this morning. What's happening in Afghanistan is frightening. I don't know what the hell is going to happen. No one could have acted more incompetently. And the by administration with Camilla Harrison for those who say Hey, get rid of Joe Biden. Come on, ain't going to happen. Nobody would support that. It would admit that what they did in the selection process year ago was a fraud that Joe Biden is not mentally or physically capable of doing the job. He has no schedule that he keeps. He reads a teleprompter poorly. And he's in charge. He's the commander in chief. Which is even more frightening. We have nobody in charge, and Kamala Harris would become the president. Are you kidding me? The cackles enough to disqualifier and then behind her as Nancy Pelosi, and behind her is a Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont. So we want none of that to happen. We have to get through the next 41 months with this decision maker, not existing. And when the leaders of great Britain say that Joe Biden's decisions are imbecilic You know, it's serious. It's a problem. He has no clue what's going on. He says. Things that aren't accurate and he has no capability of leading anywhere. He ought to just come on TV with a teleprompter. Turn it around like you, and I read the teleprompter that he's reading. You can't answer questions. Hurricane Kamala Harris. So at this point, God, I just hope the Americans get out and our partners the Afghans can get out. Who assisted us for the last 20 years. You might recall in the last 20 months, not one American has been killed in Afghanistan in battle zero None. Have been some traffic accidents and there was a helicopter crash. Mechanical problems, but nonetheless after the conversation that Trumpster ahead with the Taliban when he almost invited them, the White House has, uh, still things the last 20 months, he told the Taliban. We know where you are right now. There's drones overhead. I could give the order and you all would get to the temperature of 1500 degrees in the next two or three seconds. In other words, we know where you are. We're going to kill you. And if you don't think I can do it talked to General Sulamani. The Iranian general. It was rolling around Iraq. They tracked him down. Traced him put a laser on him and he was dead. He got to 1500 degrees in about half a second. That's a bad temperature for a human being. So he's telling the Taliban If you mess with us, we're going to kill you. And arrange that meeting with those 72 vestal virgins in heaven for you, So we got a president now they can't do that doesn't know as is clueless. He reads a teleprompter, and that's it. And it was elected. We had a choice of bad tweets or bad policies. Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana. We voted for bad tweets. We wanted to keep the Trumpster. But then other states allegedly voted for Biden and we've got bad policy. I do blame the Trumpster a little bit. He could have played the game. He could have not insulted. So many people. It could have used better language didn't have to put out so many bad tweets. But, dammit! His policies have worked. They did work on the southern border. They work with job creation. They worked internationally. Hell, you might recall that Iranian shot down a drone and the generals you know the generals The Mark Millie's etcetera, the general said. Attack Iran attack Iran and the president gave preliminary go ahead, get it ready, and then I'll decide. So then they finally came to him. The president said. You know what? We're not gonna do that. We're not going to attack Iran. You know, he said nobody was dead. I don't want to go to another war. The generals are in the war business. What they want is endless wars such as an Afghanistan that general is one of us to attack, attack Iran and start a war with Iran. Mind and the Democrats were pushing Trump. You might recall at the time. Yeah, yeah, Attack Iran. We got words going in Iraq and Afghanistan. Go after Iran while you're at it. Are you kidding me? That's what the generals wanted. That's what the Democrats wanted. The president, Trump said. You know what? We're not gonna do that. We're not gonna do that. And so we were a relative peace. We were energy independent. We had a southern border admitting 11,000 illegals a month. Now it's 211,000 month. Will be two million this year, more than half have covid 19 or the Delta variant. We got all hell breaking loose everywhere. It's as bad we have no leadership. We got nothing. The generals demand war. You know, the generals are the ones who said Let's teacher CRT. We gotta teach CRT. We've got to go after critical race theory in the academy's stand down, you might recall the The president ordered the military about 67 months ago to stand down for 24 hours of indoctrination. We got to talk about climate change. Got talking about climate change, change, specialist and climate change. Mitigators and transgender question. Ask of General Milley. Are you ready for Marines who go from a woman to a man? To become pregnant. They become makes it become a birthing person, not a mother, but a birthing. And then the general went through all the steps in place when someone goes transgender, and they get pregnant as a man. That were it was a woman, the psychological and physical. I'm look at all this crap and I'm thinking Are you kidding me? You got to review what General Douglas MacArthur said in 1964. When he got says, say, a reward about duty, honor and country the role of the military. Right now. We don't win anything. We we fight wars. We have maybe a stalemate. If we're lucky, like in Korea, Otherwise we simply lose wars. Whether it's Vietnam, whether it's Iraq or whether it's Afghanistan. We fight and lose cost serious lives. Tens of thousands of American dead soldiers kill a couple of million of civilians. Now, at the end of day we simply come home happened in Afghanistan, 1975. Happen in Iraq. What's happening in Iraq now is a joke. And now now it's happened in Afghanistan. 20 years we were there. And we tried to impose and Mr Rogers in the neighborhood approach Friends TV series to Afghanistan. We tried it in Vietnam. And we tried it in Iraq. All of it. None of it worked. We don't win anything. If you're the communist, Red Chinese, and you take a look at what we did in Afghanistan. Do you fear the American military after that? We got a bunch of seventh century illiterate goat herders that stood down the United States military and they won. No. They were telling us now on 9 11. They're going to have a celebration. Make sure the Al Qaeda and the Taliban flag is waving over air Force bases, American Air Force bases and over the consulate. The embassy In Kabul and they're going to celebrate 20 years that the infidel has been defeated. That's what they're after, so we're going to go home. I'm looking last night at the Marine Times, a publication in the United States Marine Corps. And they have Taliban. Criminals wearing American military uniforms simulating The raising of the American flag and and Hiroshima. Mount Sarah Bacci..

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