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Frankly exciting to be part of it. What do you think yeah All of the above. And i think that You know and. I've talked about this on the podcast and on the show and written about it but You know for anyone that that hasn't heard We talk about this before. If you've ever driven by allegiance stadium whether you have or you haven't just for my own for my own personal Observations i've driven by that Stadium so many times at so many different hours of the night. Sam gordon and we'll we'll talk about where i was. I was there at three o'clock in the morning or anything like that but Anyway just kidding. The point being is this Every time i drive by there and it's there has been various points of the clock. There's always a pack of raider fans outside the stadium milling about you. Know whether it's going to the raiders. The star you know the writer image star that they have. There are just walking around the parking lot. Taking pictures taking selfies themselves in front of the stadium and sam of their their their smiles stretch all the way across las vegas boulevard. I mean they're so happy and so proud writer nation to have that beautiful stadium as their home. I go back a long way with the raiders. All the way back to when they're in los angeles And between their fights in oakland to get a home that they can be proud of in a long term home that they can be proud of In los angeles where they thought they were gonna be in trying to fight to get something. Done there permanently back to oakland China figure out a way to stay there forever. Trying to get back to los angeles figuring. Maybe that's where the future is. That's where the new home is going to be. It's been a struggle and they've had to play in Basically shared stadiums the oakland coliseum. They shared it with the as it was kind of a dump and is i'm just being honest. You know it has showed its age. Hasn't been taken care of the way it needs to be. We all know you go to the coliseum. It was you know also. Usc's buildings so you had to share it with usc. And by the time they got to the to the coliseum the los angeles coliseum in the eighties. It was the stadium. I think it was like sixty years old by that point. That's how old it was at that point. My math might be a little bit off. it might have been even older than that So for them to now. Finally have a new home here in las vegas which is a great strategically placed point for their fans in los angeles fans in the bay area. Their fans nationwide. That love to come to las vegas to for nfl weekend. The growing base. That they have here in las vegas That the that grows by the day that pride that they have raider nation for that stadium. it's just so obvious and i think that them getting into the stadium for the first time tonight for a regular season game is sort of the culmination of decades. Long pent up excitement. And there's the the pride that they have. And i think the desire of of that fan base to make allegiance stadium one of the toughest place to come play in the league. We're gonna see that tonight. And i can't wait. I can't wait to see what what raider nation has up. Its sleeve to make that place just a really difficult to come and play football and i think tonight says its own for what we're gonna see all your long is. That is a team. That is a fan base city as ready as ready for stadium. It's ready for the nfl. Less ready for the raiders and again it's arsenide tremendous match up one night football. We're all going to be there. And i can't wait for the nba star absolutely And we will be there Obviously so Please check us out throughout the night Into the small hours of the morning. We'll get our stories and videos and podcasts. Posted as quickly as we can after the game So just download the app if you haven't yet vegas nation Go online vegas. Nation dot com. We'll have we'll have you covered from one inch of allegiance stadium to the to the other and everywhere in between We've got you covered. Check us out You know Throughout the night again and then obviously on online and by the paper as well We've got you covered. Sam i will see you at elitist stadium in a few hours at thanks so much thanks to larry. Mirror are great producer Who was willing to To do this special addition today Hopefully we'll have surprises for you. Throughout the week. Maybe do a special tomorrow to recap what happened tonight. but also want to say thanks This.

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