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To confirm of what may have motivated the shooter to commit this horrific act today there are many reports circulating but the FBI deals only in fax and this is still very much an active and ongoing investigation the Saudi government is condemning the attack this was the second deadly shooting at the US naval base this week in Hawaii a U. S. sailor who submarine was docked at Pearl Harbor opened fire on three civilian employees Wednesday killing two before taking his own life there's no word on a motive in that attack either meanwhile security is tight for events this weekend marking the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor but as a what a public radio as bill Dorman reports ceremonies are still going on as planned every December seventh the morning skies are quiet over Pearl Harbor at least for a few moments of silent remembrance survivors of the attack still come but they're passing on fifteen came last year fewer will be there this year they'll be joined by other World War two veterans the ceremonies usually get a snippet of national attention perhaps the sound of a single bugler it's different this year this week's shooting at the Pearl Harbor naval shipyard is brought extra caution have your security closer attention with many questions about that shooting still unresolved for NPR news I'm bill Dorman in Honolulu for the for the third time in a week president trump's lawyers have asked for and won a delay in court orders to reduce trump's financial records injures Nina Totenberg reports on the cascade of trump litigation now what the Supreme Court first it was a grand jury subpoena issued by trump's longtime accounts in New York for documents needed in an investigation into hush money paid to porn star stormy Daniels then it was a congressional subpoena issued by the house oversight committee for similar documents and trump's tax returns held by the same accountants and then there was a subpoena issued by the house financial services committee for documents related to trump's loans from Deutsche Bank after a string of bankruptcies and loan defaults all the subpoenas have been upheld by the lower courts and as of this evening all have been temporarily blocked by the Supreme Court to allow time for an appeal all three cases are scheduled for consideration by the justices next week Nina Totenberg NPR news Washington all street higher by the closing bell the Dow up three hundred thirty seven points a gain of one point two percent the nasdaq up one percent gaining eighty five points the SP five hundred up twenty eight this is NPR and this is Casey are W. on Larry Perot on Friday December sixth the very good evening to you here's what's happening at seven oh four police accounting candidates gunning for county state and federal positions have until today to file the appropriate paperwork to appear on the primary ballot one such position is the congressional seat which opened after Katie hill resigned last month nearly fifteen people are running for that seat including assemblywoman Christy Smith and check euchre creator and host of the young Turks California's gun control laws are some of the toughest in the nation but a new study out of UC Davis finds those laws aren't cutting down on the number of state residents who own a firearm K. C. R. W.'s Jennifer wolf reports one in four of us lives in a house with a gun more than four million Californians own a gun according to the study which was published in BMJ a medical journal home more than half of those guns are long guns like rifles or shotguns and the majority of owners say they use them for sporting or hunting the study finds handgun owners make up forty five percent with many saying they bought their gun from a retailer for protection so who owns these guns the study found their predominantly white men over the age of sixty while a typical gun owner has one or two firearms ten percent of gun owners have ten or more guns in their home and account for half of the twenty million guns in the entire state that is K. C. R. W.'s Jennifer wolf reporting that a gun has been found on the perimeter of an elementary school in Monterey park the firearm was discovered yesterday afternoon outside Repetto elementary school and the surrounding area were searched by police and a dog but top officers say no other weapons were found and that there is no threat to the school high visibility patrols were being added though on and around that campus the growth of California's economy is expected to slow in twenty twenty but the latest UCLA Anderson school forecast says we will continue to outpace the national average Terry Nichols Berg is director of the closely watched report he says he expects the nation's GDP growth to slip below two percent next year but California's to remain above that mark with California near full employment Nikolsburg says the state simply can't grow as fast we have an unemployment rate is three point nine percent and historically low unemployment rate and that means there's really a lack of workers in many sectors to be hired which would spur faster growth you know where they available Nicholas Berg says the nation's recent job gains in new housing starts.

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