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Gutierez jonah. Those santos were pulled from injury gets into the nations league final so he plays against iceland does very well against iceland but hold on. Not only does he do well. I think it's an assist he comes on in the latter stages of that final versus the us. Men's nasty mean absolutely terrorizes. Tim ream if somebody if anybody was a bright spot in. What was these three games for mexico if yego line is there is no bigger winner from being out on the outs for what is that about. You're not even giving you any attention to all of a sudden being the first name on that call right now. Everybody's thinking diego linus. He's the obvious winner for me. You know what brings us smile to my face. You know when. I first bought stock on the linus hurt. I think you know this very well you know. Have you know you know what. I had to pay for the sinuses fog. When like three years ago. I'm going to be a millionaire with this kid. Because yes his doug is going high of course and there's a reason for that or i find actually several reasons but one in specific. He's growth in the past year has been fantastic. He looked stronger. He understands the game better. He's making better decisions. That was a big question. Mark on the line is he always tried. He always tried to do things by himself. Now takes a little more time with the ball. He's finding the right lanes he's giving the right passes and that was a big criticism on. He'll try to be the hero. That really was not playing on his favor but her. I'm a happy man. Because you know when i bought stocks on the lightness and is to make eighty about two high with your words on that. Listen dig online is having a fantastic few weeks if you will. And let's hope translate this into club because he's definitely a player that mexican. He's the bank on if they're going to be successful in the future couple of years ago a lot of people bought stocks on data martina. Do you agree now that after this three games fish stocks are down home. I i don't think there's anybody who has a worst stock or a more fallen stock than that dino martinez who could do no wrong. Who touted out. I mean just winning streak after winning streak just routing teams whether it was local here in contact whether it was south american or european competition too now all of a sudden getting inside of his own head changing from a line of four to align of five in the back putting players like a real and tuna as wingback. Who's never played there. He's never tried that in moments. Like a semi-final in gap nations like and in the final of what was That us men's national team mexico game that all time classical that will go down. He gets himself red-carded his team also very suspect defending his team looks very average is very independent. What is one v one abilities. It's no longer a team. And that's on data martina dottino in his own head and all of a sudden public feud if you will what is copy edited and all of a sudden. He went from being the most loved character in mexican soccer to somebody. Who's on the outside. Now what is he doing. why is he doing it. Why isn't he calling upset. Players lots of questions being asked the you know. I've been a great believer. I was gonna say. I was. But i'm still i still ami great believer on that democrate. No and it was maybe me or a lot of members of the media. Everything mark deana did seem seen right. Seem correct everything. He said all of his decisions that way he picked the lineups. Everything seemed like was going under right direction but this past month there have been several incidents but concern me high deeply. The handling of copyright case is been horrific and it can even get worse if something comes up a little bit later today but also performance on the field. I don't want the mexican national team to win every single game. But at least i to see an idea and i don't know hurt coming of those past performances if it is key or what martina wants of this team i don't know anymore. I don't think you can say he's got a clear idea. And it can't be that i would minutes dependency. You're depending on one player. One player not being there changes. Your scheme changes your strategy completely. And that's what it looks like. It looks like a very average team. Brave very grew google players. This isn't he under conquer cap. Which all of a sudden looks toothless right moving on etymology. No stock up or stuck down..

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