China, Robert Zoellick, United States discussed on Red Eye Radio


For the first couple of decades. It will start slowing down. And that's where many believe China is at this point. And of course, they're going to get to that point, whether the right now in five years or ten years, I can't tell you. But the fact is, they will get there like every of society who decides to become a capitalist society gets to where then you need to be responsive, especially in a communist government that has not been responsive. You have to be responsive to the people who garner influence through wealth. Right. That's just the reality of it. If the other thing I wanted to bring up is when we talk about what's going on in the actual negotiations. And some of the confusion, and there was another article the journal Robert Zoellick, and he is a former World Bank president, and former US trade Representative and deputy secretary of state and what he said is, and this actually make some, some really good sense because at some of the things that you and I have talked about. It's talked about the things that. Americans really want from China. Americans object to China's lack of. Where is it here, alone against the US wants China to lower tariffs? Protect intellectual property and stop forced transfers of technology ban, currency manipulation equalize, business and investment opportunities..

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