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Once those price tags are more in line with our own personal budgets, some thankful for early adopters. I don't quite make the money to be won most the time anyway in the first year of sales Sony, sold twenty thousand CD players, which is not an enormous number. But it was significant for a brand new technology those going head to head with vinyl and the emerging cassette market and other companies besides Sony and Philips began to make players as well. And it's here that I mentioned that the first CD title, according to some sources wasn't Abba, nor was it a symphony. But was rather Billy Joel's album. Fifty second street in the last episode. I mentioned Abba and classical music were the first albums pressed to CD other sources call Billy Joel's album, fifty second street the first CD album. And then the guardian said. Says the first album recorded specifically with the CD medium in mind was dire. Straits brothers in arms in nineteen eighty-five. So it may well be that all of these are true to some extent that Abba. And the symphony were pressed to CD that fifty second street was it debuted. And then one of the formats debuted on was the CD and that brothers in arms came out specifically four CDs and was engineered for that purpose. Maybe that's what it all means. All I can tell you is that history tends to be complicated. And there are a lot of stories out there that at least on first glance seemed to contradict each other. Well, nineteen Ninety-three the music industry. Racked up sixteen point seven million dollars in CD sales. That's a lot of cash but vinyl albums were bringing in one point nine billion dollars that same year. So nearly two billion compared to CDs at sixteen point seven. Cassette tapes were not that far behind vinyl in nineteen eighty three and the following year and eighty four cassette sales surpassed, vinyl and kept going strong and CDs were laying the foundation for future success. So this is what kind of set the tone at least in the United States for vinyl to go on the decline. Cassettes to rule the eighties and for CDs to be well positioned to take over after that Sony, even tried to get a jump on portable CD players in the very very early days of the technology back in nineteen seventy nine Sony had released the walkman, they portable cassette player that was a popular accessory in the nineteen eighties. Just watch any comedy from the nineteen eighties or set in the nineteen eighties. And you'll likely see one, you know, like back.

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