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In the college hardwood again five lavents a you know comment on uh take south a let me know if not then he's busiess enjoying himself and he's got of basketball to cover over the next couple of weeks and especially over this next week rate here but he'll be of course doing a bang of job over there fought sports worn they do a great job in casey jacobsen i was able to listen to casey on espn radio here in town as well talking with coalfield into guys all right so i i guess we've got coach laven so will a global swing over there before we get role in on the scoreboard coach always a pleasure first off when you're in my neck of the woods and in vegas and i know you love this town you in your wife had been frequenting here for a long time i was uh you know pretty pro steve laven when the coaching position opened up here i want you to be our coach here i unlv but uh you know it didn't work out but let me tell you something you were one of the most most prepared guys that i've ever seen a studio show and i love it when did you i mean jacob i mean you guys have such a great crew of guys that are so well versed and no the game inside out you know it's just fun to listen to you guys 'cause you do appreciate that um i need to hire use my agent uh some kind remarks and i appreciate but if you love what you do is you know others coach keener broadcast either tichian or whatever industry of location or kraft you choose if you really enjoy your work you wanna be prepared and you're interested in any better one hansi elevating the quality of what you deliver you're trying.

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