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On Saturday from Columbus because Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan and TCU are the top four in the playoff rankings followed by LSU and USC. No score with a few minutes left in that Morocco Croatia World Cup match, Germany plays Japan at 7, and the U.S. match with England is Friday afternoon. Josh, news radio one of 5 9 M 5 48 traffic and weather together on the age sponsored by grand appliance. Here's Bo D ran. A couple of oddball issues here on the eastbound side of 80 94, the real oddball is a stalled fire truck. It's not something you see a lot, but a stalled fire truck eastbound 1994 blocking the ramps northbound coming out. There is a heavy toe here trying to get said stalled fire truck out of the way. This fire truck was responding to an earlier crash. The earlier crash is gone, but now we have a new crash on the eastbound side of 80 94. It's just before you get to the state line where this crash blocks at least one lane so traffic is really jammed up here from basically the bishop forward over to the state line where you have a crash block and Lisa lane once you get past the state line, you're kind of cruising through Hammond, but if you're trying to access it to northbound Kylie met, you can't right now because I've stalled firetruck is sitting in the lane pictures from the scene here at Twitter at WB one O 5 9 traffic, westbound side of the borman looking good, no I 65 billion. No Indiana toll road problems in Illinois. We're looking pretty great so far this morning, most of our roads, the Eden's matter of fact, all clear both in and outbound. That is your T mobile clear ride, Kennedy and bound 15 minutes from O'Hare just 9 minutes in from the junction, no outbound delays on the Kennedy, but the westbound side of one 90, the O'Hara extension seeing some heavy traffic building and it's going to be this way for probably most of the morning, with the busy travel day before Thanksgiving, plenty of people heading to O'Hare for flights. We're already seeing heavy traffic from Cumberland over into the airport terminals, expect extra travel time on westbound one 90 today. Eisenhower, no delays, Stevenson on the inbound side to start and see some slowing building from central to kezi really not too bad, 29 minutes from three 55 21 in from the tri state outbound is okay, the Dan Ryan inbound. Everybody saw from 47th up to the Stevenson, it's a little bit heavier than the express lanes though, so the local name still saving you a couple minutes on the inbound Ryan, 57 inbound no delays outbound slowing from halsted to 411th with some overnight roadwork being cleared up that work is scheduled until 6. Bishop Ford du Sabo lakes were drive all good Illinois toys are all clear, no raw 53 delays

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