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You gonna tell i'm sorry you to call the nc aa and say you took money and fixed a game there's corruption you know when there's money there's corruption obviously and that's the same thing with college basketball and football as well no you know these big time recruits you can go back to smu go back to you know the pony express helman eric dickerson is all of a sudden you know gotta gold transamazon now you're going to wait a minute here when marcus to pre gets his mom gets a house these things have happened for years and years and years and there's no solution to it at least i don't think so simple you could google this at the greatest picture like two days before eric dickerson size at f of you there's a gorgeous picture of him with a gold air dallas morning news now go figure just just happened to coincide yeah so many parked it their left the keys in it so i just drove it it's been going on a long long long time in this as this he was not there smirnov that she's like team color they didn't put like personalize plate right ponies man they know what they're they're in the good times a year that's an eu was fun to watch uh they were they were somehow craig james never got a payment but eric dickerson did craig was rushing for a thousand yards as well all right we'll take a break i want to talk about the carolina panthers because or finding out how valuable a team like the carolina panthers this whole question phone calls all of that coming up dan patrick show this jibril reminding you to stay tuned because the jungle is coming your way at tan on extras hordes 1300 here's an extra sports look at the streets sponsored by licking its wounds traffic accurate westbound's that the hills of power and with heavy volume.

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