A highlight from S5E4: Rickdependence Spray


You live from world war. Everybody has a fourteen year old boy and it's really disgusting and gross and depressing. And then you have these jokes where you're like. Let's make giants firms. Funny let's bigger episode here on international. Rss the unofficial. Rick and morty podcast. Hello everybody i'm travis. Hello everybody. I am brandon and for the first time in podcast history. Bahrain didn't change the cold open in fro as he recorded it and it is not as written so got to get to the twitch stream early To get a sense for what it could have been on future episodes brandon. How you do it. I'm doing pretty good man. It could have been. It could have been a far different intro. It would have been it would have been great tune into our patriots exclusive. Where i just talk about introductions that we have done just getting. That's brandon cold opens on patriot. Patriotic dot com slash apathetic enthusiasts. You want a cold open for your podcast hire me now slash colo. Been master dot com. All right let's let's let's get this housekeeping because our maybe we should take our time with it and then we we never have to get to the actual episode. Thurday any anyway. Yeah walk into the podcast so happy that you're joining us where we're talking about. Rick and morty. And we talk about rick. And morty all over the internet over at twitter dot twitter twitter dot com at rick and morty pod facebookcom size rick moranis podcasts instagram. We are rick. And morty podcasts and then you can send us an email report. Podcast at jamil dot com. We are on read. It read it dot com. Rick and morty dot ready dot com is the official rick moody sub reddit over two million strong. Who so so many people visiting on the weekends. You should be one of them. You can also visit our. And morty podcast. Red dot com or our website currently functioning hanging on by a thread. Rick and morty pod dot com i currently currently streaming live twitch dot tv slash apathetic enthusiasm you can also catch videos at youtube dot com slash apathetic enthusiasm. Thank you to everybody. Visiting the youtube channel subscribing over there we appreciate that Finally you can buy our love over at t public Apathetic enthusiasm dot com slash shop is the easiest way to get to curated collection of t shirts. And then you can get brandon have. Have you edited a commentary yet. Think nah edited the commentary. Okay we just haven't posted commentary dot com slash apathetic enthusiasm. We did it. We did one. it's there. I mean it exists. It doesn't fact here You the next part of the show is where you ask me brandon. What's going on. How are you doing. And then i i will. I will answer to you. This are. I went to do some some standard maintenance on the website yesterday yesterday sunday the day of and half of an actual episode and went into the database just to just to check some errors and when i left the database it magically was deleted so any any any web people out there you will know That that was not a good thing that happens. And so our our host wouldn't wouldn't just automatically sort of database that had like be an email and it was all day so as apathetic down. Rick and morty pod. And rick. And morty podcast if you go there it alters won't it will it'll redirect to our means website that was that was down all day long and Not only were we recording. Did we have the interview with ryan elder. Which will talk about here in a second ready to release a. We also had an interview. Me matt's is more and robbie askew on random basis with with being from kevin and bean if you're los angeles fan. We had an interview with him that we also needed to release all this going on and on mike. That website is down. I just want. I just want the website to work. You're sitting at home. You're stressing you're trying to figure stuff out and i'm like locking around a theme park ride. The roller coasters. Just checking in from different rides. Is it up yet. no. I can't get to it any any emails all right. Talk to you later twain. So so the databases down. What's on the database. So infused wait. Our episodes aren't working. What do we. What database. I work in software latest gentlemen. There's there's a front end and there's a back into websites. The database is the back end and that was down. But it's not down anymore. It is back up and i'm so happy about that. They're still to do but at least you're getting a new episode. Her ray ray well That is that is what's pertinent in our lives. But it is time for us to get into all the things that her semi pertinent. In the world of morty it's semi pertinent news www dot babe's www dot based not a database. I'm talking about www base. Why some ferdinand new in both the semi talking about that semi sir. I turned into a white lines Which is a great well because Sean dad you know the the whole from shot dead were Simon pegg in a nick. Frost w database. It's a whole thing. Travis the whole thing. It's a great movie. go check it out. Shaun of the dead directive. You're right part of his. The coronado trilogy. I i have a rick. And morty sticker that seemed like john of the day oh yeah. Nice that little bit for you guys. Well speaking of a little bit. Let's get into some news travis. I don't want you don't want you to keep saying let's go and get into it First and foremost. I already mentioned nece and what we did this last week on friday. We actually both drivers tonight. We took a day off of work and we said no work for us. We want to prepare for this man. And it is a sequel interview with ryan elder. Who is the composer for rick. And morty the last time we talked to him was in like march or april of twenty eighteen. The last time we saw him was that adult swim. Fast in two thousand eighteen in in the fall When when travis crash on my friends weddings and it was it was it was great. It was great having him back on and so we. We wanted to just preview a little bit of his interview here in my tournant news and remind you to go check it out after the fact so travesty on you wanna roll us into it. Yeah yeah here's just a small clip from our interview with ryan. Elt talk about that. We just talked about season four and some of those songs with with harmon That that are the they're not as They're not as they don't they're their produced still right because a professional. But they're they're maybe not like

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