A 100-Year-Old's Birthday Wish: Act on Climate Change

Climate Cast


The most critical issue humankind faces. And we're not doing anywhere near enough. Tom swain has seen a lot in his one hundred years on planet earth. He's been an insurance executive a city mayor. He even headed a state agency but it is eighties when most octogenarians might be enjoined quiet years. Tom began a quest to climate. Change awareness that journey lead to the creation of the swain climate policy series at the university of minnesota's humphrey school of public affairs. Why does this self-described small government conservative. So actively pursue climate change solutions. Tom swain happy one hundredth birthday this month and welcome to climate cast and crew. Tell us about the focus of the swain climate policy series at the university of minnesota's humphrey. School what. I turned two hundred or about to turn a hundred people. Ask me what i wanted to do. And my birthday. And i said i want more awareness and involvement on the whole issue of climate crisis. 'cause i think is the most critical issue humankind faces and we're not doing anywhere near enough. In order to prevent what ultimately some people see is the earth becoming uninhabitable. You've been a corporate executive. You've been a local mayor You've described yourself as a small government conservative for most of your one hundred years. Why do you see climate change solutions as good for our economy and our lifestyle. I'm not thought about it quite as much in terms of its impact on economy. Our lifestyle. I just think that the current generation is for the most part on this issue and expecting the next generation to deal with the critical issues

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