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Two layer people can say I want to buy tickets shakedown. And in March and it's not till September. Well. Then that darn you have they have their ticket. Email folder with don our system. In case they lose the male or loose paper or whatever it is in our system, I'll have to walk up and we can search their name and boom. You're in. I think that's a positive I I think that grows the sport whether it. RAN track dirt track mud bog. Drag. Strip. motorsports in general. I. Think that grows the sport to be able to have tickets accessible any town from that a race ban come up with an added income or extra that they weren't expecting that. Now they can use that to go to the racetrack. I don't think there's a negative in that at all. And to it. Obviously gives you all opportunities to streamline the ingress process to like. If if you don't have a line of people waiting out the door to to buy tickets when they're there. And they do this online process and they show up, they go beep in there in the door they're more likely to come back because it was just a easy way of getting in and out. One hundred percent but thing was operations of and we've all done it but. We all walked up and went may look at the line to sit here and wait for. And By, the time you get up to the ticket booth before little girl in there doing her job. You're so mad when you get there, it's like twenty dollars with twenty dollars when I bought the ticket when I decided to leave the house band at twenty dollars to line. We've all done it. Yeah. It's just that extra that extra little bit of stress that extra pain point of doing it, and if you have this online process that people get used to I mean it's it is just enjoy. It's psychology know just positive reinforcement for the fans. If they have a really good easy time, I tell people this all the time like when we're promoting races and trying to. Sell tickets at Richmond Rex with the easier the easier it is and the happier the person is going through that process the more likely they're going by the more likely you're going to buy more and more likely they're gonNA come back. Exactly and that's the let's be honest if. There are so many. To do something on a Friday or Saturday night these. Go Top call you can go to the racetrack you can go ride around in your out. I mean there's so there's so many options of. Things to do I. Guess you would say. that. If your operations are difficult Nitsa and it's it's just a pain to buy the tickets and get in the door. You know you've lost that fan before they ever walked in absolutely have the you can have the best show in the world between the wall..

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