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Connected. Stay informed. Your husky nation station. Komo news. Good afternoon. Komo news time one oh two. We have sunshine. It's seventy one here at Cobo in Seattle in four Taylor. Van sice? I'm Charlie harder. With a look at the day's top local stories Shelton. Police have extra officers Shelton high school today after rumors of violence prompted a police investigation called last night by some concern parent their children during the day it hurt them big threats about a potential school shooting Shelton. Police captain Mike Fiona says they investigated determined. There was no credible threat calling the rumors of violence a social media frenzy. They have a strong police presence on campus today, Jesse will ease the minds of students and parents marijuana enthusiasts are buzzing over news out of Los Angeles. Suggesting you can now hang out at the airport with pot in your pocket. Komo's Corwin Hake reports. The story is true, but perhaps misleading California is a Johnny come lately to the legal pot seen possession of small amount. Recreational weed has been allowed in the Golden State for less than a year. So when someone noticed Los Angeles International airport policy allows travelers to carry pot at the airport. The news spread fast. You guys made me aware of this is as sitting down for the interview. So I haven't had a whole lot of time to think about it. That's port of Seattle Commissioner Ryan Caulkins seatac is part of the ports jurisdiction and Calkins points out. No matter what California's airports decide to do there might be implications for federal law, which still prohibits marijuana possession and use meaning you're right to possess. Potted LAX may end at the TSA checkpoint. What about our airport four years ago? Port of Seattle spokesperson confirmed it's okay to carry pot at seatac because state not federal laws apply there. But boarding a flight with your pot is a much different story. In other words, enjoy toting your marijuana around the airport. Just don't try to fly with it. Corwin hake. Komo news. The flu is striking early..

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