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Training and all kinds of stuff so it's kind of amazing. It's it's a whole team workout that you do tell room or not living room or your breezeway breezeway doing doing different kinds of workouts. It's it's fun you'll see but I'd have to say though I mean at ten dollars like a hundred and twenty bucks a year. Let's say I mean if all you're doing is sitting around the house with like Dumbbell I mean think about it though like how many people are like lazily doing nothing right now because for whatever the reason and they're spending way too much time sitting on the Sofa. I mean really like ten dollars a month. You could shape you know. I'm not saying his workouts are the best. I know nothing about it. All I'm saying is though like if you have no motivation for ten dollars to get yourself like what what's like a doctor's copay and Ryan. It's hilarious too because it's like. Oh this is. This workout needs kettlebells. Dumbbells cannibals. Dumbbells. I don't I don't kettlebells. You're like getting married. Gallon of milk commute. That's exactly what it was. It was like I was like oh I spent like fifteen minutes in the garage. Trying to find my fifteen pound dumbbells and. I'm like I know I have the somewhere. And it's like Oh you could use something else and then the very next thing on this thing was here's here's substitutes for the cowbells or dumbbells so he got a gallon of bleach in each hand and I'm using them like cattle about this kind of work whenever works just thought. Spilka those-those it'll be all ruined by the ants curtains. It'll be all blast blasted with bleach. You drive is where where the for six weeks. We'll see we'll see high. Yeah no I agree. I mean you know like what being clarice do as we do a lot of Burrup a barbell work and I tried to. I always did all these workouts right and the workouts rose you know like move this way move that you know do all these like weird isolation work. It's like man I couldn't keep up with all the movements are way too many of them so then. I bought this book starting strength. And it's pretty much just like squats. Dead lift overhead Preston benchpress. I mean there's a few other little things in there that they talk about but it's all it is is like four workouts four movements. I guess and it's like four movements next thing you know like you're getting like yeah you're dead lift. You don't need to do all this other stuff. You know what I mean. It's like so simple. Sometimes you know what I mean like. We always WANNA complicate is us. Money was like crowing like like fee at hand. Crawl forward crawl back and different variations squats as like. This thing is burning so hard that I could tell exactly where it's working.

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