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Zacks recommends for election day in the primaries a my guy where I live there's an election the lady because of coronavirus remember when that was a thing remember when we were worried about feels like yesterday today eight thirty three got Tony eight three three four six eight eight six six nine according to Italian doctors and the head of the center of a hospital Milan the virus clinically no longer exists in Italy okay it's that brought a virus is losing its potency the swabs are performed over the last ten days of the viral load in quantitative terms that was absolutely infinitesimal heir to the ones carried out a month or two months ago could have to do with whether could have to do with a whole bunch of things that could have to do with the fact that the virus is Peter itself out and it's one of the things that we heard then we discussed that and I quite possibly that's what was going to happen is that this thing was going to just it just work itself out phase itself out of existence but I'm very curious to see over the next couple weeks weeks whether or not we see an increasing coronavirus cases from all of these rights the protests to because many people are wearing masks but with these rights I'm curious to see if remember and I I mean I I'm gonna discuss this more than once people attacked those who are protesting lockdown orders how dare you want to take care of your family how dare you how dare you think it's okay to go out there and try and make a living you're disgusting there were reporters who said that if you are protesting and demanding yeah purchasing lockdowns wants open up you are mocking the dead I'm telling you there are some really daft ignorant reporters out there they call themselves reporters let's let's let's not kid ourselves if they were real reporters out there they would wonder why there were containers of rocks and bricks in certain cities just all of a sudden on the streets you think it's all construction related sure okay it's awkward if they're real reporters out there they would know that the White House at a certain time in the evening the lights go out they wouldn't be reporting all the lights went out of the White House at eleven o'clock well there were protesters there what a what a horrible thing the lights go off at eleven o'clock according to the report they went off at eleven o'clock during the bush administration and during the Obama administration and then they go off eleven o'clock during the trump administration but it became a story all look how terrible trump is that's if there were reporters there are still a few here and there but we were told we were terrible bigoted awful people also people if we thought for a moment for a moment that people should be allowed to go back to work that was in quarantine the healthy but there is no blame for riders for not wearing masks and spreading cover ninety it's okay it's okay to notice it's okay to laugh these people hi this is good news out of Italy and I certainly hope that it moves forward as for where we are with with corona virus you'll note that I have stopped going to numbers because I can't trust them we won't know the numbers for a while the people diving providers yes to say otherwise is foolhardy did more people diving comorbidities absolutely did it affect the old and then we do a horrible job in nursing home specifically in New York when the new better yes after that lots of questions.

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