Kicking Doors Open (With GIna Yashere)


Welcomes professional troublemaker. Why thanks for having lobby. I've been jodi west. Read your books are falling you. As far as i'm concerned where friends. I don't care what anybody says. I consider you my friend. We'd be taxing what night best size world opens back up. We gotta beat up in some city in the world. yes. I want to be in this like julian coogan with volun- symphony and everybody the because i've seen a lot on instagram. Pre pandemic alaba jealous. How come. I'm getting buy into these. Hang out. I might not nigerian. I'm coming you're getting an invitation. I always curious what you wanted to do or be when you were growing up. What was like seven-year-old gino's dream gina. Where it's a scientist and an athlete at the same time really. I was a splinter hundred meters was my jam and i was talented and obviously a time from fat. You know had a nigerian families. Are you got the five career doctor. Lawyer accountant engineer own disgraced the family. My mom was going to be a doctor. You're going to be a doctor. But even seven on new. I didn't really like the cya blood. I didn't like barbosa. I want to be scientists. And she's like okay so scientists at athlete i wanted to scientists discover new immi bosom new cells and these things than in my spare time willing olympics. One hundred meters. That was seven

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